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B - Changelog
by Dotpitch, 2011-11-12 13:00:00

The changelog for each major and minor version of XMPlay.

XMPlay 1.x
by Dotpitch, 2011-11-12 13:00:00

* Too many things to remember! :)

XMPlay 2.x
by Dotpitch, 2011-11-12 13:00:00

XMPlay 2.0 - 1/11/2001

  • New GUI
  • Info Window
  • MP1/2/3 playback
  • Ogg Vorbis playback
  • Updated MO3 support
  • Per-track saved settings
  • Clipboard monitoring for URLs
  • Equalizer presets
  • UMX playback
  • Lots of other changes...

XMPlay 2.1 - 22/12/2001

  • Winamp input plugin support
  • Playlist panel duplicated in the info window
  • HTML webpage scanning
  • URL drag'n'dropping into XMPlay
  • Drag'n'dropping files/URLs from XMPlay to other apps
  • Write separate tracks to disk (shoutcast streams)
  • "Dynamic" auto-amp mode
  • "Auto loop" mode applies to all formats now (not only MODs)
  • 96khz MOD playback rate
  • BPM/speed display for MOD formats
  • Stereo sample support in MO3/IT/XM/S3M formats
  • Current track displayed in taskbar
  • Open file/URL dialogs combined
  • Desktop shortcut option
  • "Remove duplicate titles" option
  • "Remove dead" also removes non-existent local files not marked as "dead"
  • Random track shortcut

XMPlay 2.2 - 13/1/2002

  • Playlist searching & unmatched skipping
  • OGG modules updated to RC3
  • Detection of VBlank MODs
  • EQ/reverb/restart shortcuts
  • Current/total tracks display in playlist (info window)
  • Plugin file info menu option in playlist
  • Follow the current track marker in playlist panel
  • Adlib S3M files are ignored (so plugins can play them)
  • Error dialog explaining failed HTTP/FTP connections
  • Warning dialog for unsupported Winamp plugins

XMPlay 2.3 - 28/2/2002

  • MPEG & OGG pre-load/scanning removed
  • Seeking in internet streamed files
  • MOD pattern display visualisation
  • CODEC WAV writer removed and...
  • ...replaced by customisable external encoder settings
  • Auto-filename option for WAV/encoder writing
  • PLS/M3U playlist streaming
  • Active MOD channel count
  • "Random play order" option
  • Minimize to tray
  • Info window scroll shortcuts
  • Auto-kill virtual channels if CPU load reaches 75%
  • Comments in XM files supported
  • Localised font support

XMPlay 2.4 - 14/7/2002

  • Skins
  • Built-in WAV support (including streaming)
  • Built-in WMA support (including streaming)
  • OGG support built-in (OGG/VORBIS DLLs not required)
  • ASX "playlist" support
  • Spectrum visualisations
  • Amplification & auto-amp apply to plugins now too
  • Calculation of missing track lengths
  • Support for Modplug/ADPCM compressed files
  • "Remove & delete file" option
  • "Add directory" option
  • Output directory selector (for auto-filename)
  • Copy info window text to the clipboard option
  • MO3 sample compression ratio in "General" info window
  • Basic sample details in "Samples" info window
  • Filename help bubbles in info window playlist
  • Slider levels shown in help bubbles
  • "Restart" option in tray menu
  • "Random play order" indicator
  • Track count display in playlist panel
  • "Stop" when already stopped unloads current track
  • "Unload final track" option
  • Shortcut to find track starting with x
  • Winamp plugin track info shortcut changed (due to above)
  • Minimize shortcut
  • Option to reset amplification on new tracks
  • Option to remove tracks not matching search criteria
  • Extension association removal
  • Command-line support
  • "Add to XMPlay-list" shell option
  • Info window texts retrievable via DDE (topics=info0-2)
  • Visual plugin button-click support

XMPlay 2.4a - 24/7/2002

  • OGG support updated to 1.0
  • Help bubbles for volume/amplification/EQ/reverb shortcut adjustments
  • Vibrato effects shown in MOD pattern display
  • Shortcut to stop
  • Shortcut to "Get missing times"
  • Shortcut to view skin "readme" text
  • Shortcut to reload current skin

XMPlay 2.5 - 18/11/2002

  • Multi-song MOD support
  • Support for DMO effects in IT/XM/MO3 files
  • Support for chained OGG streaming
  • Support for extended filter range in IT files
  • Support for "Invert Loop" (EFx) MOD effect
  • Global hotkeys
  • Open URLs from info window texts
  • Centered MOD pattern scrolling mode
  • Faster WAV writing
  • Improved external encoder STDIN support
  • Playlist moved from registry to XMPLAY.PLS file
  • Per-track settings moved from registry to XMPLAY.SET file
  • Icecast2 tags shown in info window
  • Support for track titles in WMA streams
  • ID3 tags shown in info window for plugin-played files too
  • EQs bands changed (now evenly spaced 2 octaves apart)
  • "Flat" EQ preset
  • XMPlay Support site link in misc panel
  • "Auto-advance" option (loop list switch sub-menu)
  • "Play listed tracks" option (list button sub-menu)
  • "Sort by extension" option (random switch sub-menu)
  • "-tray" command-line option to launch in tray
  • "-play" command-line option to start playback on launch
  • Support for multiple files and/or directories in command-line
  • Shortcut to "Add directory" (shift+Insert)
  • MP3pro files are passed onto the MP3pro plugin (if installed)
  • A few skin-related improvements (see skinning kit)

XMPlay 2.6 - 16/1/2003

  • 32/24-bit OGG/MPEG/MOD playback
  • Track queuing
  • Multi-track selection (move/delete/queue/skip multiple tracks)
  • Customisable track title format
  • Help bubble for long track titles
  • Title changes are displayed when minimized to tray
  • Global hotkeys for stop/seeking/volume
  • Support for "win" key in global hotkeys
  • Multi-song MOD WAV writing support
  • 24-bit WAV writing
  • 32-bit WAV writing format changed to "type 3" standard
  • Output format shown in "General" info window
  • Partial unicode support in OGG tags
  • Settings moved to HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry branch
  • A couple more skin-related improvements (see skinning kit)

XMPlay 2.7 - 17/5/2003

  • 8 point windowed sinc interpolation (3DNow! optimized)
  • Non-interpolated mixing option
  • Support for 32/24-bit WAV files
  • Support for 32/24-bit Winamp input plugins
  • More responsive auto-amp reduction
  • Amp slider scale is now the same for all formats
  • "Dither" and "Noise shaping" options
  • MOD pattern display horizontal scrolling
  • MOD channel muting
  • Automatic scanning for track lengths
  • Resume playback at startup from where it left off (right-click close)
  • Checking for "dead" tracks at startup
  • Visualisation resizing without stretching
  • Logarithmic freq in spectrum displays (16khz range)
  • Info window can be opened while minimized to tray...
  • ..."Info window" global hotkey and tray menu option
  • Open/add files from the tray menu
  • Option to display filenames in info window playlist
  • "Stop at end of queue" option
  • Looped WAV writing (always "only once")
  • Track number added to title formatting options
  • Invert selection shortcut (I)
  • Selection of multiple blocks of tracks (using ctrl+shift+click)
  • Shortcut to rescan track titles (F9)
  • Numerical sorting (eg. "2" comes before "10")
  • "Sort by filename" now includes the path
  • WinXP time display problem fixed
  • A few more skin-related improvements (see skinning kit)

XMPlay 2.8 - 28/7/2003

  • Device/Integration/Miscellaneous/Plugins panels removed, and...
  • ...replaced by a single integrated "Options and stuff" window
  • Enhanced search option (matches listed as you type)
  • DSP volume & balance option
  • Mono tracks are played in stereo if output is set to stereo
  • Support for high-pass filter and forward/reverse (S9E/F) IT/MPT effects
  • "Always in tray" option
  • "Restrict rendering" vis option
  • "Stop at dead track" option
  • "Clear queue" option
  • File selector "Folder history"
  • External encoder "resolution" setting
  • Amplification display unit changed to "dB"
  • Maximum buffer length increased to 2.5 seconds
  • Faster skin loading
  • Skinning changes (see skinning kit)
XMPlay 3.x
by Dotpitch, 2014-12-25 11:08:00

XMPlay 3.0 - 24/2/2004

  • Support for multi-channel WAV/OGG/WMA files & Winamp plugins
  • Fully customisable shortcuts...
  • ...also available via DDE (details available on request)
  • DSP plugin support
  • MOD and archive file "streaming" (ie. download and play)
  • Seeking in internet streamed OGG files while downloading
  • SSE2 optimized sinc interpolation
  • Enhanced saved settings options
  • Enhanced search option (OR/AND multiple word searches)
  • Recently played tracks list
  • Fading-out of looped files
  • Option to "auto loop" only MOD files
  • Option to sort/shuffle only selected tracks
  • Finer amplification resolution and extended range (-15 to +10 dB)
  • Auto-amp improvements
  • Icecast (OGG) stream ripping into separate files
  • Adjustable internet buffering
  • Shout/Icecast "Auto-reconnect" option
  • Always "on-top" option
  • Reverb now applies to mono playback too
  • Customisable icon for associated filetypes
  • Option to "Ignore playlists & shortcuts" when adding directories
  • Support for ID3v2.4 tags
  • Support for LAME "Info" header
  • Deleted files moved to recycle bin (if enabled)
  • Skinning improvements (see skinning kit)

XMPlay 3.1 - 1/8/2004

  • Gapless playback
  • Support for Unicode (Russian/Chinese/etc) files
  • Option to individually write each MOD instrument to disk
  • CUE sheet support
  • "XMPlay-able" file selector filter now includes plugins
  • "Refresh dead tracks" option
  • Title parameter added to external encoder options
  • Length of selected tracks is displayed (alternates with total list time)
  • Minimize shortcuts can now also restore
  • "Toggle random play order" shortcut
  • "Clean reg" option to remove registry entries
  • More accurate time-based OGG seeking
  • Skinning improvements (see skinning kit)

XMPlay 3.2 - 13/2/2005

  • New "media library" (replaces "recent tracks" list)
  • Native "input" plugin system
  • CD Audio support
  • Conditional (if..then..else..) title formatting
  • Genre, comment and filename elements added to title formatting options
  • Title formatting can now also apply with Winamp plugins whenever possible
  • Support for APEv2 tags
  • ID3 genre tag support
  • Optional title updating from CUE sheets
  • Undo option (shortcut) for playlist/library modifications
  • Plugin-played formats added to integration options
  • Play/queue/info options (right-click menu) in the "Find tracks" list
  • More efficient WMA file playing with WM9 (and above) modules installed
  • Replaygain support
  • Improved MOD default amplification level calculations
  • Option to automatically write WAV/etc files to same directory as the source file
  • Tag passing to external encoders (LAME/OGGENC default command-lines updated)
  • Scrolling titles
  • Playlist entry scrolling replaced with more detailed help bubbles
  • Option to not add duplicate tracks to the playlist
  • Adjustable info window text wrapping
  • OGG "vendor" info shown in "General" info
  • Option to shrink columns in MOD pattern display depending on number of channels
  • MOD BPM/speed display option
  • Option to ignore channel muting in IT/S3M files
  • DSP volume/balance now permanently on, and changes are audible instantly
  • Dithering & noise-shaping automatically bypassed when not required
  • Fully customisable sample rate in device options
  • Option whether to allow multiple instances
  • Folder shell integration option
  • Proxy config option
  • Shortcut to show tray title bubble
  • Shortcut to clear list
  • "Device options" shortcut
  • Shortcut to select all dead tracks
  • Windows mouse wheel scrolling settings used when scrolling playlist and info window
  • Support for extended M3U playlists
  • Skinning improvements (see skinning kit)

XMPlay 3.3 - 22/12/2005

  • Config moved from registry to XMPLAY.INI file
  • Show/manipulate queue in playlist panel
  • Separate resizable search window
  • Optional sorting of search results
  • Position bookmarking (save current position to resume later)
  • CD-TEXT support
  • "Recover dead tracks" option to locate missing files
  • Automatically check other drives for missing files
  • "Play count" added to library
  • Time of last play shown in track info window
  • Integration option to select/deselect all extensions
  • Quick launch bar shortcut
  • Option to save playback position on closing XMPlay
  • Shortcut to close XMPlay is now customisable
  • Shortcut to save list
  • Shortcut to toggle MOD playback mode
  • Tray title bubbles are now optional
  • "Move selected to top" sort option
  • "Only sort selected" option removed (now always on)
  • "Write to disk" continues writing after reconnection
  • Download progress shown in "General" info
  • Improved track dragging in list
  • Follow current track can also apply in extended list
  • Moving of main and info windows together
  • Options and stuff window rearranged
  • Differentiation between unplayable and missing tracks
  • Skinning improvements (see skinning kit)

XMPlay - 30/11/2006

  • Per-extension saved settings
  • CD support for restricted/limited Win2k/XP users
  • Option to lock CD door while playing
  • Search history
  • Shortcuts to extend selection
  • Version number shown in "Options and stuff" window

XMPlay 3.4 - 3/4/2007

  • Output plugin system
  • Optional resampling and downmixing
  • Library directory monitoring
  • Fullscreen visualisations
  • Recursive/nested archive support
  • EQ increased to 9 bands
  • Actual filetype (not just extension) shown in playlist/library
  • Per-extension saved settings replaced by per-filetype
  • Ignoring of unwanted filetypes when adding new files
  • DSP locking (prevent overriding by saved settings)
  • Playlists in the library
  • Library mass-tagging
  • "Age" record added to library
  • Waiting for track endings to decay
  • Support for embedded CUE sheets
  • Choice of CDDB info when there are duplicates
  • CDDB info caching
  • Info window text magnification
  • Bubble text size configuration
  • Sorting of search results by filename
  • M3U playlist saving
  • Scanning for playlists in HTML pages
  • Drag'n'dropping between playlist and library
  • MOD channel muting via middle-click in pattern display
  • MOD auto-loop options
  • Year tag extraction from MODs
  • MOD signature shown in "General" info
  • Auto-amp automatically disabled when replaygain is active
  • Extended output buffer size range
  • Balance shortcuts
  • MOD interpolation/ramping/surround shortcuts
  • Random played tracking always retained (option removed)
  • Skinning improvements (see skinning kit)

XMPlay 3.4.1 - 1/5/2007

  • Updating of saved settings
  • Amp slider range increased to +/-15dB in DSP options
  • Replaygain levels shown in "General" info
  • Shortcuts for auto-amp and to reset amplification
  • "-list" command-line option to add files to list
  • 3D spectrum speed toggling (middle-click)
  • Library display options moved to header right-click menu

XMPlay 3.4.2 - 28/6/2007

  • Library menu options and shortcuts to select all tracks with matching tags
  • Reverb "time" parameter
  • Configurable internet connection timeout and pre-buffering
  • CDDB and CDTEXT info shown separately
  • Option to prefer CDDB or CDTEXT for tags
  • Updated version notifications

XMPlay 3.5 - 22/12/2009

  • Built-in AIFF support
  • Crossfading
  • Track rating
  • Configurable SRC quality
  • More flexible search system (present/absent directives)
  • Quick find shortcut
  • Case-insensitive search support for non-ASCII characters
  • Logarithmic volume option
  • Volume muting
  • Queue toggling is now optional and dequeue option added, allowing duplicate entries
  • CUE sheets for written internet streams
  • Timestamping of separately written internet stream tracks
  • "Stop at end of track" option to temporarily disable looping & list advancing
  • Options to close XMPlay at the end of the current track/list
  • Playlist sorting by tags
  • Options to only play newly listed tracks when not already playing or after bookmarking
  • Optional moving of existing duplicate tracks
  • Optional default queuing of new tracks
  • Optional auto-sorting of new tracks by filename
  • Optional removal of original file extension when writing to disk
  • Optional replacing of filename underscores with spaces in titles
  • Title format length limiting
  • Separate title format for playlist panel
  • Replaygain pre-amp adjustment
  • Replaygain limiting according to peak level
  • Support for LAME replaygain info
  • Tracks played from library or search results are inserted at front of queue
  • Random setting optionally affects next/previous controls
  • Assignment of track actions to extra mouse buttons
  • Shortcuts to jump to top/bottom of list/library
  • Archive plugins added to input plugins list
  • Winamp input plugins sorted by filename (so order can be changed by renaming)
  • Playlist track tags retained in library
  • Playlist periodic auto-saving
  • Library backup file (XMPLAY.LIBRARY~)
  • Auto-saving of settings upon closing "Options and stuff"
  • Support for MO3 2.4
  • Optional disabling of help bubbles
  • Optional hour column in time displays
  • Improved communication with Explorer (via OLE instead of DDE)
  • CD plugin: Read speed limit option
  • CD plugin: Support for CD drives with letter A/B
  • Changelog for stuff versions on the forum

XMPlay 3.5.1 - 9/2/2010

  • Rating shortcuts
  • Optional length/filetype/rating columns in playlist panel and extended playlist
  • Adjustable crossfade length for manual track changes
  • Search system tweaked some more, including a single phrase mode
  • M3U playlist saving can use the standard or extended form
  • CD plugin: MusicBrainz CDDB server option
  • Changelog for stuff versions on the forum

XMPlay 3.6 - 22/12/2010

  • Decoder/plugin saved settings
  • Replaygain included in amplification saved settings
  • Tag-based saved settings
  • Priority filetypes for input plugins
  • Use of the source sample resolution when writing to disk
  • Shortcut reordering
  • Playback state resetting when looping non-looped MODs
  • Playlist track number column is now optional
  • Average play count per month in library
  • Improved search support for diacritics
  • Clearing of the folder/URL/search history
  • Windows default output device ("Microsoft Sound Mapper")
  • Support for UTF-16 playlists
  • Support for opening URLs via DDE
  • Gapless support for iTunes MP3 files
  • Overriding of Explorer's "Hide extensions for known file types" setting
  • Sample resolution added to WAV/AIFF "General" info
  • WMA plugin: Sample resolution added to "General" info
  • WMA plugin: Proxy support
  • WADSP plugin: Bit borrowing for headroom to avoid clipping
  • Skinning improvements (see skinning kit)
  • Changelog for stuff version

XMPlay 3.7 - 21/12/2012

  • Recently played tracks list with the option of going back
  • List of last 5 track titles for internet streams in "Message" info
  • Contains/equals/lower/greater tag searching options
  • Search history available via search button menu and quick find option
  • Automatic playlist replacement with library search matches
  • Playlist history and quick loading/saving of entries
  • Playlist saving of only the selected tracks
  • Playlist entry removal after playback
  • Sorting by album also considers track number
  • Use of the track title when writing to file
  • Internet streams that are paused too long auto-reconnect on resumption
  • MP3/AAC internet stream writing without needing to reconnect
  • Toggling/stopping of internet stream/file writing
  • HTTP/FTP download support for Winamp plugins that don't include their own HTTP/FTP support
  • Improved tag reading support for Winamp input plugins
  • Support for Unicode-enabled Winamp input plugins, and support for exotic filenames with non-enabled plugins too
  • Improved support for non-Unicode encoders
  • Removal of empty tags from encoder command-line options
  • FLAC encoder added to default encoder options
  • Loop limiting to a specified number of times (instead of just once)
  • Bookmark resumption at end of queue
  • Window position locking
  • Skin config customisation
  • Visualisation refresh rate control
  • Shift+left-clicking alternative to middle-clickng in "Vis" window
  • Support for per-user vis config (VIS.INI)
  • Amplification level resetting upon new subsongs
  • Amplification slider range increased to +/-20dB in DSP options
  • Output buffer range extended to 5 seconds
  • History clearing by category
  • More accurate MP3 seeking
  • Ramping-in disabled for all but the XM format (and MODs in FT2 mode) in "normal" ramping mode
  • Tracker detection for IT files
  • Open folder option added to tray menu
  • Support for archive file entries via DDE
  • "replace [playlist] from library" and "write to disk" shortcuts
  • Restarting/reloading of XMPlay
  • Missing fonts warning not shown at startup
  • CD plugin: Fix for drives with letter A
  • CD plugin: CD-TEXT reading bug fix
  • Changelog for stuff version

XMPlay 3.8 - 23/12/2013

  • Separation of tracks into individual subsongs/cues, and unseparation back the other way
  • Subsong info added to library ("subsongs" column) and track info window
  • Random playback mode can be applied to subsongs too
  • "%subsong" and "%subsongs" search term options added
  • Support for tag names in search terms
  • Playlist processing of CUE files
  • Support for remarks in CUE files
  • Soundtracker MOD support
  • Looped OGG support
  • Loop limiting by playback time
  • "Go to time" shortcut to jump to a time position (aka "jump to time")
  • Selection extension page up/down shortcuts
  • Quicker access to file writing options via track right-click menu
  • Support for "Content-Disposition" header filename when saving a streamed file
  • "Year" track info replaced/expanded to "Date"
  • Option to have XMPlay in both the taskbar and tray
  • Taskbar title scrolling
  • Option to replace the playlist when playing tracks from the library
  • Track info option added to info window right-click menu
  • Info window height limit for auto-resizing
  • Archive file URLs will have all of their contents added to the playlist when opened
  • Improved support for drag'n'dropping between the playlist and library and other XMPlay instances
  • Extended playlist filename display mode can optionally include the full paths
  • "closetrack" and "closelist" command-line options to close at the end of the track or playlist
  • Automatic use of the backup if the library file gets corrupted
  • Option to apply title formatting to Winamp plugins removed (now always on)
  • ZIP plugin added to the XMPlay package
  • Skinning enhancements including alpha channel support (see skinning kit)
  • Changelog for stuff version

XMPlay 3.8.1 - 23/12/2014

  • Loading of different settings from multiple saved sets
  • Loop limits included is saved loop settings
  • Higher priority for exact path matches in saved settings
  • Subsong number title formatting option
  • Optional random bias for tracks that were last played longer ago
  • Next/prev subsong seeking options also apply when the subsongs are separated
  • Per-track overriding of removal after playback option
  • Extraction of tracks from archives to separate files
  • Filename sorting separated into filename and full path options
  • Checking for dead tracks upon launch is now optional
  • Peak active MOD channels display
  • Upmixing for quad speaker output
  • Auto-amp also applies when Replaygain is enabled
  • Limit according to Replaygain peak level option also applies when Replaygain is disabled
  • Replaygain mode shortcut
  • Restart shortcut
  • List looping shortcut
  • Skinning enhancements (see skinning kit)
  • Changelog for stuff version
XMPlay 3.6 - Stuff version
by Dotpitch, 2012-12-19 17:20:00

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Changelog for XMPlay 3.6 - Stuff version

XMPlay 3.7 - Stuff version
by Dotpitch, 2013-12-18 19:41:00

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Changelog for XMPlay 3.7 - Stuff version

XMPlay 3.8 - Stuff version
by Dotpitch, 2016-05-30 20:07:00

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Changelog for XMPlay 3.8 - Stuff version