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7.02 - xmp-coverart
by Dotpitch, 2012-03-30 09:00:00

This visualization plugin will show cover art for the currently playing track in the Visualization tab. The images can be stored locally, or downloaded from various services. The plugin supports PNG and JPEG files.


Get xmp-coverart from the Support Site. Put xmp-coverart.svp in the same directory as xmplay.exe, or in your Visualizations directory. Restart XMPlay and open the visualization in the Visualization tab.


To open up the configuration menu, middle-click the visualization.

Configuration menu - xmp-coverart

Ticking Fade Album Art will put a fade transition between each image. Album Art alignment/stretch cyles through the different image display modes (center, left, right, fill, center actual size). The Select cover sub-menu allows you to select a found cover, to Download more images and to Save the selected downloaded cover. You can also enable cycling through the found covers by ticking Cycle cover every 10 seconds. The duration to show each image can be adjusted in vis.ini (look for albumart_cycleseconds in the [coverart] section).

Note that XMPlay can restrict the resolution at which this visualization is rendering, see the Appearance page of Options and stuff.

Image lookup order

The plugin uses the following order when looking for cover art images:

  • First image embedded in the currently playing file's tags (MP3, Ogg, FLAC, MP4/M4A)
  • Cover.jpg/jpeg/png in the same directory as the currently playing file
  • Same as above with Folder, then Front and then Album
  • Same as above, but now look for any image file having cover, folder, front or album in it's filename
  • An image in the same directory and with the same base filename as the currently playing file
  • Any image in the same directory as the currently playing song
  • Downloaded images

The default cover image is cover.jpg (or cover.png) stored in the same folder as xmp-coverart.svp. The default downloading image is download.jpg (or download.png) in that same folder.

Automatic cover downloading

The plugin can automatically find (and save) a cover image corresponding to the current track, album or artist using various image services.

Auto cover download menu - xmp-coverart

Tick Enable to activate the automatic cover image download feature. The plugin supports a default cover directory, so the image files do not have to be in the same folder as your audio files. If the plugin cannot find a local cover art file but it does find one online, it can Automatically save downloaded covers. The cover file will be saved in the same directory as the currently playing file, or in the default cover directory if that's active. For internet streams and files inside archives, covers can only be saved to the default cover directory. With Download now, you can force the plugin to query the image services again.

Select an image Size the plugin should look for, either Large, Medium or Small. With the Search with:-section, you can choose what tags the plugin should use when searching for images. Unticking for example Search with: Title will bring up less track-specific images (like covers from the single). The plugin can use Last.fm, Google Images, Flickr and Amazon as image sources. Tick each service to use it.

Ticking Transfer log (debug) will save an xml-file in the same folder as xmp-coverart.svp with information about the what the plugin downloaded. This function should only be used when debugging the plugin.

This plugin is created by Barna.