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4.11.3 - DirectSound
by Dotpitch, 2011-07-15 15:00:00

Options and stuff - Output - DirectSound

DirectSound uses the Microsoft DirectX library to communicate with the soundcard. This plugin is designed to be used on systems with Windows XP (or earlier versions of Windows). You can select the DirectSound device you want to use on the main Output page. If your soundcard driver supports it, audio may be upmixed from stereo to all channels, but that happens outside of XMPlay. Disable hardware mixing will force all mixing on the CPU, rather than having the soundcard itself handle it. This option should only be used to circumvent dodgy soundcard drivers. Note that ticking this option will disable the upmixing. Exclude emulated devices will hide any devices which are not true DirectSound devices, for example when your systems lacks the correct DirectSound drivers for your soundcard and emulates it through WaveOut. If you change either of these settings, hit Apply to apply the change.

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