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4.11.4 - WASAPI
by Dotpitch, 2011-07-15 15:00:00

Options and stuff - Output - WASAPI

For Windows Vista, Microsoft completely reworked the audio processing path into a new system, WASAPI. If you have Windows Vista (or a newer version, like Windows 7), this is the preferred output method, since WaveOut and DirectSound are converted into WASAPI instances by Windows as well. WASAPI has two distinct output modes, Shared mode and Exclusive mode. Shared mode is default, and has Windows combine audio from all programs into a single stream for the soundcard. If you Enable exclusive mode, XMPlay will be the only program allowed to send audio to the soundcard and the output to the soundcard will be bit-perfect. Use highest available resolution has XMPlay use the highest resolution the soundcard supports, rather than what you chose on the Output page. If your soundcard seems to replay and old bit of audio when you seek, or when it just hangs on seeking, tick Reinitialize device after seeking to have XMPlay work around this problem. And ofcourse, hit Apply to apply the changes.

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