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6.04.2 - DDE code example
by Dotpitch, 2012-03-30 17:00:00

XMPlay Controller

XMPlay Controller is a standalone application which uses DDE to send commands to XMPlay. See the included manual for more information.


DDE_run is a command line application which can send DDE messages to any other program. The code to send the Play/Pause command is DDE_run -s XMPlay -t System -c key80, where -s flags the target application name, -t the link topic and -c the command. You can replace key80 with any of the keys from the DDE command list, or with a file opening command.

Visual Basic 6

Create a new VB project, and dump two text boxes and a pair of command buttons on the form. Do whatever you like to them, but you'll want to make Text2 reasonably large with MultiLine enabled. Add the following code to the form (changing the names if you changed them):

Private Sub Command1_Click()
' Use this one to retrieve data, e.g. infox topics

Text2.LinkTopic = "XMPlay|" & Text1.Text ' Init link topic
Text2.LinkMode = 2 ' Open connection
Text2.LinkRequest ' Grab data
Text2.LinkMode = 0 ' Close connecton
'''' EDIT: remove next line if you get a blank line between every line ''''
Text2 = Replace(Text2, vbLf, vbCrLf) ' Reformat string as textbox needs CRLF
End Sub

Private Sub Command2_Click()
' Use this one to execute a function, e.g. keyxxx topics or playlist manipulation

Text2.LinkTopic = "XMPlay|XMPlay" ' Init link topic. The second part (after the '|') doesn't appear to matter but must not be empty.
Text2.LinkMode = 2 ' Open connection
Text2.LinkExecute Text1.Text ' Execute function
Text2.LinkMode = 0 ' Close connection
End Sub

This code example is made by BoggyB (a long time ago).

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