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by Thomas Radeke, 2006-04-16 16:26:00

by Thomas Radeke, 2006-04-15 22:00:00

XMLyrics is an application for displaying .lrc lyrics files in time with XMPlay as it plays the matching song. It does this by reading an external (or some MP3's internal) file containing the lyrics and times when each line should occur.

Original work: Keltic Danor
Rewitten by XMinioNX

Download XMLyrics 1.0

User Guide

System buttons

  • About - This button displays some basic help and a link to this page.
  • Configuration - This button opens up the Preferences for all areas of XMLyrics, details of these are explained under the Preferences section of this page.
  • Minimize - Left clicking this will minimise XMLyrics normally
  • Close - This closes XMLyrics.

The main display

  • Current Time / Song Time - Lyrics Status - At the top the current time of XMPlay and the songs duration is shown, as well as if there are lyrics available for the song being played.
  • Lyrics Display - The middle area displays the current lyrics (if available) of the song currently playing. As XMPlay plays through the song each lyric will be displayed as the song progress's.
  • Song Display - At the bottom of this area the status of XMPlay is shown or the name of the current song playing.


Scroll Speed - The rate at which the lyrics scroll on time changes.

  • Lyrics Font - The font used to display the lyrics.
  • Highlight Text Color - When the line of lyrics is selected as per the lyrics time the text will be highlighted by this color.
  • Highlight Color - When the line of lyrics is selected as per the lyrics time the entire line will be highlighted by this color.
  • Background Color (Optional) - This option changes the main background color of the lyrics display.

Search Subdirectories (Optional) - Instead of only looking in the one directory, XMLyrics will search through all directories within the current set Lyrics Directory.

Keep in mind that the more subdirectories you have, the longer it might take to find & load the lyrics.

Lyrics Directory - This directory is where XMLyrics will look to find lyrics files when a song is started playing in XMPlay.

F.A.Q & Troubleshooting

Q: Where can I find lyric files to use with XMLyrics?
A: A fair number of lyric files can be found at the following sites.

Q: How can I make my own lyrics?
A: You can make your own lyrics via Evil Lyrics, or they can be written by hand. For an example of a lyrics file click here.

Q: It doesn't show any lyrics. I always get "No lyrics found for the current track".
A:Check that the lyrics file has .lrc as the extension and that it matched the file name of the audio file.