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SIDevo (4.1a)
by Keltic Danor
posted on 2023-05-17

This is a partial rewrite and update of my old SIDex v1.0~ plugin, it has now been rewritten using Visual Studio 2022 and the most recent libsidplayfp library.

- libsidplayfp library updated to 2.5.0a2

- Initial new release
- libsidplayfp library updated to 2.4.2
- Sid Info added to info window showing no. chips/model/clock speed + overrides
- sidid.cfg updated to version from 23 December 2022
- Emulation config options now apply on the next loaded sid instead of restart
- Skip to Default Subsong ...and only play the Default options added
- Seeking is no longer disabled by default
- MUS and STR files are now supported so enjoy that Compute's Gazette Sid Collection
- Tunes are now loaded from memory instead of the file system which fixes...
- Loading of foreign files with incompatible characters
- Loading of sids directly from web urls
- sidid.cfg is now loaded from the plugin directly instead of HVSC DOCUMENTS/
- HVSC Documents path purpose made clearer and added browse & test buttons
- Windows XP support added

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