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XMPlay 3.8.5
by Ian Luck
posted on 2020-09-02

New in this version:
* Improved support for filetype association on Windows 10
* Optional capitalisation of tag names in "Message" info
* Playback position is included in tray icon tooltip
* "Save track position upon closing" option now applies when paused/stopped too
* Relative paths in saved playlists now use ".." to traverse parent folders
* Saved playlists can be set to use back or forward slashes in paths
* Bringing XMPlay to foreground when opening files from Windows Explorer is now optional
* M3U8 extension added to filetype association options
* Detection of OPL instruments in OMPT files
* Optional checking for beta updates
* Fix to stop paused playback auto-resuming after system sleep
* Fix for soundcard detection in Windows 10 v2004 ("Microsoft Sound Mapper" renamed to "Default")
* Fix/workaround for HE-AAC seeking bug in Windows 10 AAC decoder

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