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XMPlay 3.8.4
by Ian Luck
posted on 2019-12-20

New in this version:
* Double skin size option
* ZIP support built-in (ZIP plugin removed)
* Live HLS stream delay is limited to around 30s
* Option to not play Adlib S3M files using built-in player so that a plugin can
* Level reduction/normalisation when downmixing is now optional
* Improved support for channel masks in multi-channel files
* Selection of search results in playlist/library is now optional
* Playlist track selection is retained across sessions
* "-noplay" command-line option to not start playing
* Default LAME encoder options changed to write only ID3v2 tags (not ID3v1)
* Default FLAC encoder options changed to write an intermediate file for proper seektables

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#2 - Mungo commented this file on 2020-01-02, 18:21:12
Thank you for good job :-)

#1 - xmplay commented this file on 2019-12-27, 16:55:24
good app