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Windows Classic 2.1
by Amit
posted on 2016-02-17

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What others say

#8 - Blackie rated this file 5 stars on 2016-10-21, 10:55:51
Good nostalgic skin :)

#7 - just another man rated this file 5 stars on 2012-03-09, 12:37:30
TNX MAN! Russia loves you! ;)))

#6 - AlexSpy rated this file 5 stars on 2012-03-07, 16:11:58
Don't really like the classic interface, but the skin is AMAZING! It's simply the best one! So well-thought-out.
Thank you very much!

#5 - rhastu rated this file 4 stars on 2011-11-29, 14:52:19
A skin to hear not to see.

#4 - Oldie rated this file 4 stars on 2010-07-28, 22:51:08
I like that classic interface. If only it would have variants for the XP styles (blue, green and silver) so I could have it matching to the rest.

#3 - Damascus rated this file 5 stars on 2010-06-09, 21:48:01
best one i love to use this a lot!

#2 - G commented this file on 2010-02-25, 12:37:26
Never thought that I would like Windows-inspired skin.. But this one is great (simple + effective) and brings up memories. :)

#1 - gllt rated this file 5 stars on 2010-02-01, 07:58:57
I love this skin, it's clean and very functional as well as compact :D
Thank you very much!