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LAME 3.100.4
by The LAME Project
posted on 2019-12-20

Encodes .mp3 files.

Installation: Put the lame.exe file in your XMPlay directory.

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#18 - oVer commented this file on 2019-06-05, 18:25:09
For Install: unzip in the root folder and restart Xmplay

#17 - Himither rated this file 5 stars on 2016-06-13, 18:06:44
I downloaded the newest version from http://www.rarewares.org/mp3-lame-bundle.php (thanks X for the link) and it works fine,
I'm using Win10 so I choose the "LAME 3.99.5 64bit" one, I don't know about the rest

Encoding only seems to work if you start xmplay.exe directly and not if you open audio files
Also be sure to hit stop before encoding a song you were listening to, even if it was just accidently for half a second or less, because the part you've already played won't be encoded

I'm new to this myself, but i believe the highest quality settings possible are

lame -b 320 -q 0 --tt %t - %o
lame -V0 -q 0 --tt %t - %o

It doesn't get higher than -b 320 and -V0 is 99.9% the same (quality wise) but you'll end up with a considerably smaller file size by reducing the bitrates for those parts of the song that aren't as complex and simply have no need for the highest possible .mp3 bitrate (320)
Well at least thats my understanding

I'm not sure if adding -q 0 actually makes sense when using -b 320 or -V0, because they should already be using the hightest possible algorithms and stuff o_O
In any case, it doesn't seem to mess anything up so adding it shouldn't hurt

--tt takes the title ID3 tag from the orginal file and adds (copys) it to the newly created .mp3 and it seems like enconding won't work if you don't copy at least the title tag

I couldn't find any information about what the %t - %o does, but I guess it's something only used in XMPlay to make sure XMPlay and Lame can work together correctly, because without it encoding won't work at all, same as --tt

Regarding further settings and stuff check http://wiki.hydrogenaud.io/index.php?title=Lame or the included .html files, especially usage.html and detailed.html

#16 - goldencut commented this file on 2014-08-12, 17:24:33

#15 - goldencut commented this file on 2014-08-12, 17:23:01
It seems that xmplay doesn't support automagically searching its subfolders for codecs? I put lame 3.99.5 in subfolder 'encoders' and got error, moving lame.exe to main folde of xmplay remedied this.

#14 - Archmage Dynamaster IX commented this file on 2013-02-01, 12:09:02
These converters should not be placed under add-ons unless they're actually plugins, yes? It's confusing to mortals.

#13 - paul samson rated this file 5 stars on 2012-05-14, 21:34:43
I use now 3.99.2 very fine dynamics !
nov 2011

#12 - X commented this file on 2012-03-14, 21:44:06
Dr. Flay, this is not a plugin, simply grab a new version of the encoder at rarewares.org

#11 - Dr. Flay commented this file on 2012-02-19, 20:15:55
Any chance this ancient plugin will be updated?
v3.98 was a long time ago!

#10 - == commented this file on 2011-06-18, 13:43:34
deliplayer or uade, unless you are fine with stopping the recording at any time since songs played with delix never end

#9 - Monkey commented this file on 2011-04-08, 11:52:10
How can i convert a delix file like an amiga mod into mp3 file"
thank you

#8 - lvlr rated this file 5 stars on 2010-08-26, 12:39:30
Don't forget to add -q0 ; -v and -k parameters !
-q0 - use the best quality of encoder
-k - disable the fucking cutoff at 16 kHz - work OK with Lame v3.93.1 , otherwise on another version - may create a harsch sound
-v - create a VBR mp3 file

Best parameters:
lame.exe -q0 -k -v -V3 -b32 -B320 my.wav cool.mp3

#7 - It doesn't work! commented this file on 2010-02-21, 20:35:43
I tried using it, but it stops at 0:00.02 seconds and doesn't even create a file!

#6 - nix commented this file on 2009-01-02, 15:37:19
I use the following commandline:
lame --preset fast standard --tt %t --ta %2 --tl %3 --ty %4 --tn %5 --tg %6 --tc %7 - %o

details are described in http://wiki.hydrogenaudio.org/index.php?title=Recommended_LAME

#5 - Bistzack commented this file on 2008-06-09, 13:43:31
@sting: Simply put lame.exe into XMPlay directory and restart XMPlay if necessary.

#4 - sting commented this file on 2008-06-02, 10:41:13
How install this Lame encoder? ZIP archive contains a lot of files, there is dll, exe

#3 - Some details? commented this file on 2008-02-20, 15:37:59
I haven't used it yet, but I would like to have some more details concerning each quality. For example, is standard between medium and high, or is it between low and medium? Thanks!

#2 - Switch commented this file on 2007-12-30, 14:36:14
..so the description above needs to be updated

#1 - Switch commented this file on 2007-12-30, 14:35:33
Some of the presets don't work in lame 3.97 e.g. r3mix