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7.06 - xmp-ra
by Dotpitch, 2011-07-14 18:59:00

xmp-ra is the native RealAudio (by Real Networks) plugin. Get the plugin from the forum or from Fraggie's website. Put xmp-ra.dll in the plugins folder (see Installing XMPlay).

Real Alternative

xmp-ra uses libraries from Real Alternative, a freeware project spanning all RealAudio codecs. You can get Real Alternative from Free-Codecs.com (get the light version). You don't need to have Real Alternative installed, you just need the following DLLs:

  • 14_4.dll for RealAudio 1.0 support
  • 28_8.dll for RealAudio 2.0 support
  • dnet.dll and ddnt.dll for RealAudio 3.0 support
  • sipr.dll for RealAudio 4.0 support
  • cook.dll for RealAudio 6.0 support
  • atrc.dll for RealAudio 8.0 support
  • raac.dll for RealAudio 9.0 support
  • ralf.dll for RealAudio 10.0 support
  • pncrt.dll for all codecs (this is a runtime DLL)

The files may have a version number in their filename, so 14_43260.dll, that's no problem for xmp-ra. You can leave out the libraries for formats you don't intend to use. Put pncrt.dll in the same folder as xmplay.exe or in Windows\System32., and put all the other DLLs is a subfolder of XMPlay's plugins folder, for example in a folder named realalternative.


Start XMPlay, open Options and stuff, go the Plugins: Input page, select the RealAudio plugin and click Config.

Plugin configuration - xmp-ra

You'll have to tell the plugin where it can find the Real Alternative libraries. Click the browse button (...) and select the folder where you put the Real Alternative DLLs mentioned above. You have to restart XMPlay for the plugin to load the libraries.

From now on, your XMPlay is able to parse RealAudio Metadata (RAM-files), play RealAudio files (RM and RA-files) and streams (through HTTP, PNM and RTSP/RDT) without you having to install RealPlayer! As a bonus, you can save the RealAudio streams to a local file as well. Opening files and streams can be done via XMPlay's regular Open file(s)-dialog.

Bug reports and questions should be posted in the forum thread for xmp-ra.

This plugin is created by Fraggie.