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4.03.2 - Dead
by Dotpitch, 2011-07-15 15:00:00

Options and stuff - Playlist - Dead

Tracks are marked as Dead if they are somehow unplayable for XMPlay. This can either be because the file format is not supported, because the file is corrupted or because the file is missing altogether.

Recover dead tracks

If you somehow end up with dead tracks in your playlist or library, you can try to fix them here. Dead tracks are usually caused by a user moving files, for example when you're reorganizing you music library. You can manually enter the new location in the New location box, or open the folder selector by clicking Scan for new locations. XMPlay looks for files with the same filename and of the same filesize as the missing file. If XMPlay finds your missing track in the new location, hit Apply to update the entries in the playlist and the library.


If you run XMPlay from a portable drive, you'll notice that the drive letter can change when you re-plug devices. Instead of manually re-adding or restoring all entries in the playlist or library, you can have XMPlay check for the same paths on other drives if it misses some entries by ticking Automatically check other drives for missing files. On the far right there is a button to use if it all went wrong, so you can Remove all dead entries from the playlist and the library.

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