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Extra Tools
(4.06) Keyboard shortcuts
by Thomas Radeke, 2006-04-20 02:13:00

Shortcut options

Here you can fully customize how you control XMPlay via the keyboard.

Multiple keys can be assinged to perform the same action, likewise multiple actions can be assigned to a single key. When multiple actions are assigned to a single key, they are performed in the order that they were added.

As an example, you could assign a key to select all search matches, invert the selection, and delete selected tracks. That'd leave you with just the search matches left in the list.

Tip: When changing the volume/amplification/EQ/reverb through shortcuts, a help bubble will appear on the mouse pointer to indicate the new value.

  • Global - This allows the shortcut to be used from within other applications (i.e. without XMPlay being in focus).
  • Defaults - Resets all shortcuts back to the defaults as when XMPlay is first run.

A list of all default shortcuts can be found here.