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Default keyboard shortcuts
by Thomas Radeke, 2006-04-20 00:29:00

Illustrated Manual - Default shortcuts

These are the basic shortcut functions available by default. Any and all of them may be changed via the Shortcut Options.

O Open files/URL
P or Pause Current track - Play/Pause
P or Pause + Shift Current track - Stop
Left cursor Current track - Back
Left cursor + Shift Current track - Previous subsong
Right cursor Current track - Forward
Right cursor + Shift Current track - Next subsong
Home Restart current track
Page Up Play previous track in playlist
Page Down Play next track in playlist
End Play random track in playlist
Insert List - Add files/URL
Insert + Shift List - Add directory
Ctrl+Z List - Undo
Shift+# List - Clear queue
Q List - Show queue in list
Up List nav - Up
Up + Shift List nav - Page up
Down List nav - Down
Down + Shift List nav - Page down
Ctrl + A List nav - Select all
Ctrl + F List nav - Find
F List nav - Find next
F + Shift List nav - Find previous
F + Shift + Ctrl List nav - Find all
Enter List track - Play
Space List track - Skip
# List track - Queue
Delete List track - Remove selected
Delete + Shift List track - Remove & Delete selected file
Num + Volume up
Num - Volume down
M Toggle mini mode
N Minimize/restore
N + Shift Minimize to tray/restore
Alt+F4 Close
Alt+Shift+F4 Close with position saved
F9 Options and stuff
F1 Info - General
F2 Info - Messages
F3 Info - Samples
F4 Info - Visuals
F5 Info - Extended playlist
F6 Info - Library
Num 8 Info - Scroll up
Num 2 Info - Scroll down
Ctrl + C Info - Copy to clipboard
Num 4 MOD pattern - Previous channel
Num 6 MOD pattern - Next channel
Num 5 MOD pattern - Mute channel
Num 7 MOD pattern - Unmute all
Num 9 MOD pattern - Invert all
F12 Reload skin