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(5) How to uninstall or remove stuff
by Thomas Radeke, 2006-04-17 22:01:00

Disabling/removing plugins, vis' or skins

If you encounter problems with a plugin, vis or skin and want to get rid of it, simply delete the corresponding file.

If you just need to remove the offending object for testing or development purpose, you have to move the file outside of the XMPlay directory. If you place a plugin, skin or vis anywhere inside the XMPlay directory, XMPlay will attempt to load it.

Removing XMPlay

If you need to remove XMPlay, for whatever reason, simply do the same as with plugins, etc.: delete it. You can safely delete the whole XMPlay directory - it will leave no trace in the registry.

If you had associated one or more files with XMPlay, it is recommended to un-associate them BEFORE you delete XMPlay. Do this at the Integration options.

Tip: If you had "Store per-user config/etc." enabled, you need to locate and remove the XMPlay folder in your "Documents and Settings" directory, too.