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by Flashira Nakirov
posted on 2023-03-08
This skin uses the ZIP-based system, so the sources are available by opening it in ZIP software.

- General -
** Added two more styles: Pointzero & Dioxide
- Miraculous -
** Fixed some tiny visual mistake in the DSP panel.
** Changed the font at the top left.
** Removed the Zero Two pixel art and replaced it with something a bit more original. (The fan-art kinda felt unnecessary...)

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#4 - Flashira Nakirov commented this file on 2023-03-09, 04:27:09
This skin has been updated to 1.3, adding two new styles. If you downloaded this skin before March 8th, 2023, please re-download.

#3 - Phobian347 rated this file 5 stars on 2023-03-08, 22:43:24
Nice work!

#2 - Flashira Nakirov commented this file on 2023-01-22, 07:07:54
hzn: I think it was supposed to be downloaded as xmpskin, but I don't know why it's saved as zip instead. Seems to be a bug I guess

#1 - hzn rated this file 5 stars on 2023-01-21, 22:29:44
Great skin. Had to rename the file extension to xmpskin in order to get it working. Thank you! Maybe add a version thats 2x the size for high res users