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by JM-DG
posted on 2021-07-19

Warning! Note this is super unstable, added purely due to included source for reference.

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#2 - RaulCury commented this file on 2021-11-21, 13:31:15
this one came from multimedia player.

#1 - AuralVirus rated this file 5 stars on 2021-10-20, 17:29:03
i've yet to try it but thats irrelevant for this comments purpose - to Thank You for creating a visulizer - something seems to have become an unfashionable pursuit for what feels like a decade+
With hardware multiple times more powerful than when the original winamp/Soundjam collections were created it seems a shame we've not seen that power exploited [unless I've missed new projects (projectM was beyond my ability to get running & I garnered that it is no better than milkdrop(?) so with nothing being released beside GForce and the pro side of DMX its great to see someone capable of attempting something new.
OK gushing disabled, returning to a mere, Thank You :)