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MultiMedia Keys Control
by olesio
posted on 2021-06-23

Warning! Go to Shortcuts in your settings and check "Global" for the Media Next/Prev/Stop/Play shortcuts.

Add support for multimedia keys to control XMPlay, remember to enable it in your plugins list first.

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#3 - Anonymous rated this file 1 star on 2022-10-02, 07:27:58
Causes an instant crash with XMPlay v3.8.5

#2 - Phobian347 commented this file on 2021-07-23, 00:47:42
Posted too soon there. Only works when XMPlay has focus. Kinda defeats the purpose.

Keltic Danor:
I believe you can fix this by going to Shortcuts in your settings and checking "Global" for the Media Next/Prev/Stop/Play shortcuts. Not sure why this isn't checked by default.

#1 - Phobian347 rated this file 5 stars on 2021-07-23, 00:38:38
Very good. Thanks.