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by Keltic Danor
posted on 2021-06-22

New release for 2021, let's make it a good one. There are 12 variations so hopefully you'll find something you like.

The tags mean the following, for future revisions without losing the old versions...
L1 = Layout 1 Base
L2 = Layout 2 Playlist

     - [all layout 2] Mask updated and total count aligned right
     !!! Requires: XMPlay 3.8.6+ !!!
     --- Big thanks to Ian for the skinning engine tweaks! ---
     - [all layout 2] Fix incorrect pixels in playlist panels
     - [all layout 2] Added separate position sliders for main/mini
     - [other] Added 4 new hue shifted options
     - [all themes] Extra pixels deleted from mark_play & mark_queue icons
     - [all themes] Added mark_sticky icon
     - [all themes] Added rating stars
     - [all themes] Revised Minimise, Playlist/Resize, Exit buttons order & graphics
     - [all themes] Added new layout 2 for all themes, adding the playlist panel to the main mode
     !!! Requires: XMPlay 3.8.6+ !!!
     --- Big thanks to Ian for the skinning engine tweaks! ---
     - [salmon + variants] Colour of library titles fixed
     - [plain blue + variants] Colour of library titles fixed
     - Initial Release

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#5 - LuchoTester rated this file 5 stars on 2021-09-03, 04:17:43
hey! u have at least 10 STARSSS this is awesome, thanks!

#4 - AuralVirus rated this file 5 stars on 2021-09-02, 12:32:18
Love this theme (the colour options) - is the any chance it could incorporate Axxio's cover display? aka the perfect XMP (for me) Thanks for your efforts !!

Keltic Danor:
I'm looking at making a new layout with the album cover added, please check out the forum thread at un4seen.com and put let me know your thoughts.

#3 - Bakred commented this file on 2021-08-01, 11:28:02
Good job !!!

#2 - woldy commented this file on 2021-06-20, 18:23:18
Very cool!

#1 - Liam commented this file on 2021-06-19, 13:30:03
Just to mention, I needed to update XMPlay to ver 3.8.5 otherwise selecting this skin makes things crash.