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Black III Alpha
by Sean Hunt
posted on 2015-02-25

Semi-transparent version of the Black III skin. 6 themes are included.

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#3 - tbh commented this file on 2015-06-15, 15:15:45
oh and Further notes was forgotten on here.
The minimum version for this skin is but I recommend using the latest stuff version for it. xD

#2 - Vulfen rated this file 5 stars on 2015-04-11, 16:44:18
I'm using a 2015 computer with Windows 8 on it. (yeah, I know) The layout and the themes on 8 SUCK so hard you can literally feel the pull. (Not even a friggin' START button!?!) so I gutted it and created a Windows Classic type deal with a black and green old timey Macintosh early 80's "Terminal" style. This skin looks like it was made for it! Nailed the retro look to a T. 10 out of 5 Great job, man.

#1 - Shi9k rated this file 4 stars on 2015-04-04, 07:23:53
Your Black III skins are very, I'd just wish you'd add larger options so I could use it on my HDTV from afar! Only a few skins are usable from a distance, like Neutron and WTF.