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by Xaos
posted on 2015-01-14
This skin uses the ZIP-based system, so the sources are available by opening it in ZIP software.

11 colour schemes are included.
Updated for XMPlay 3.8.1.

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#3 - Xaos commented this file on 2014-07-02, 07:21:03
For all readers .. Thank-you.

All older skins "seem" small because XMPlay has been around longer than our ' high def - high dpi ' monitors. Check the forum for skin topics, or start one. Some of us are bound to be reading.

#2 - AuralVirus rated this file 4 stars on 2014-06-21, 17:32:27
Nice skin - thankfully a good size to see what the buttons are and read the track info (why are so many other good looking skins too damn small when theres a minimize option? Wouldn't be so bad if there was a resize option as there is in winamp for eg.)
Anyway Yours look good.

#1 - Andre from Germany rated this file 5 stars on 2014-06-18, 15:57:51
I would like to say: A very nice skin with a neatly arranged design!

I like especially the carbon one. Maybe some other colours in the future? And how about the same texture as on the Player in EQ and Playlist windows?

Anyway, thank you for this nice job!