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XMPlayer 8
by Astral Soup
posted on 2013-07-02

A skin based on the look of RealPlayer 8, including a "Visual Edition" variation with a main window vis display.

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#7 - Khzx-117 rated this file 5 stars on 2020-02-03, 05:01:41
i wish there was more skins like this, with a visual screen included so theres no need to use the extended playlist for the visuals

#6 - Dany0 rated this file 5 stars on 2013-07-10, 23:51:58
Made me feel nostalgic, ah those feels, I'll get killed because of them once, five stars :)

#5 - Nicolas Bahamondes commented this file on 2013-02-06, 16:03:52
@Reiver: I haven't send a screenshot of my Skin. My theory is the music picks of the playlist are from Ian. ;P

#4 - Reiver commented this file on 2013-02-04, 00:03:25
Hey I'm all in favour of that Nicolas ... but NO Duran Duran :-)

#3 - Nicolas Bahamondes commented this file on 2013-02-03, 00:32:54
@Reiver: Just trying to bring the 90's to modern players ;)

#2 - Reiver rated this file 3 stars on 2013-02-02, 21:51:53
Nice one Nicolas ... a very nice clean skin

#1 - Nicolas Bahamondes commented this file on 2013-02-01, 16:09:46
I like the enigmatic preview in the site. :D