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You Wa Shock !
by Red Shine Sound
posted on 2011-05-17

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#9 - Zappabain commented this file on 2015-10-08, 14:01:23
It seems Friendly Floyd was the only one to get the reference to Hokuto no Ken:

#8 - Studio Nti rated this file 5 stars on 2014-02-07, 19:28:59
Very good plugin, with headphones I have 30% of power and I fill very rich sound.

#7 - Simon commented this file on 2011-11-13, 11:18:19
You Wa Shock ! was a tongue-in-cheek pre-release of the FL Studio "Soundgoodizer" plugin, which is based on the FL Studio "Maximus" sound processor. FL Studio seems to be a well-respected audio production program.

Definitely check out the Soundgoodizer webpage to get a better idea of what You Wa Shock ! is, as it's own tongue-in-cheek webpage does leave you wondering...



#6 - russ commented this file on 2011-10-18, 19:10:52
same problem with this one. loaded - enabled - nothing works ?? oh well

#5 - Eelnest commented this file on 2011-09-10, 09:29:22
From the autors site: (c'mon guys, you could've just clicked on the "Red Shine Sound" link)

"You Wa Shock !

Make it truck shine !

You Wa Shock ! is VST/Winamp effect for brighten up and maximize any truck you hand him.

Use: Though nothing can bring back the missing particle You Wa Shock ! strength is in the behind parts. Excrete excite sound for your trucks. Push harder for more excite sound. The knob will go up. You can operate You Wa Shock ! as early as possible in the truck or to be late. The 4 A B C D fixings create new crunch excrete. Listen for a happy sound."

#4 - Dany commented this file on 2011-06-23, 17:03:07
I agree, seriously what does this do?

#3 - Alt rated this file 5 stars on 2011-06-03, 09:39:29
Thank you! This plugin & Direct Sound = must have

#2 - Fatal007 commented this file on 2011-06-02, 09:40:48
Interesting, but working only in 16 bit sound resolution

#1 - Friendly Floyd rated this file 1 star on 2011-05-21, 03:25:46
YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD. ...Unless you tell me what in the world this plugin is supposed to be, other than a joke. :/