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by Arnaud Carré
posted on 2011-04-21

Allows XMPlay to play Atari ST sound in the YM format.

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#6 - river raid rated this file 4 stars on 2017-02-15, 12:48:02
>loading many ym files (such as the zip archive of ym files) causes xmplay to crash.
hi, just try with 3.8.2 - were added archive with 4000 ym's from first post - works
well, but creating xmp_ym.ini at random places a bit annoying, leonard counld u fix it?


#5 - TomyYoung rated this file 5 stars on 2015-02-23, 19:39:24
Yes only current chiptune musicians using the GAMEBOY and X68000 etc, ... MGB (gameboy paragon tracker tune) ... To use this: Put x68sound.dll, mdxdrv.dll, in_mdxdrv_option.exe and drv_length.dll to the Winamp folder, ...comments!

#4 - bee commented this file on 2011-09-27, 23:54:44
I tried what you said (XMPlay 3.6, ST-Sound 1.0, ZIP only) and it worked on a different PC and now again that I've tried it here - it counts to 3897 files, then totals tracktime after. However on my main XMPlay which has many plugins, the zip XMPlay would stop responding (APPCRASH) during the tracktime totalling.

Some other times it would throw an error like this:
Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error!

Program: C:\XMPlay\xmplay.exe

- not enough space for thread data

I don't know what file it crashes on or what, but it must be because of some badly written plugin that maybe tries to read a bin or ym file before ST-Sound does. for example MGB winamp plugin (gameboy tracker) can crash while loading multiple files into playlist at once, while not crashing when added all individually.

#3 - Arnaud rated this file 5 stars on 2011-07-06, 11:54:46
?? No! It works perfectly: I use XMPLay v3.6, ST-Sound native input plugin, and XMP-Zip.dll archive plugin. Just drag and drop the large YM archive above into the play-list, and it works like a charm
( the playlist count a while and say at the end 111 minutes and 48 seconds of YM musics)
What's your config ??

#2 - bee rated this file 2 stars on 2011-06-18, 13:31:07
loading many ym files (such as the zip archive of ym files) causes xmplay to crash.

#1 - Arnaud rated this file 5 stars on 2011-05-04, 13:13:33
For thos loving all these YM ATARI , you can get a *big* archive of 3800 music, just get that small 8Mb archive:


Yoiu can even drop the ZIP archive in XmPlay! ( require the great XmPlay ZIP Archive Reader plugin )