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by Mykel
posted on 2011-01-30

Warning! Before rappa will even pretend to work you MUST update that Sonique_Path.reg file with the correct path to your XMPlay installation in the SoniquePath field. Once correct import it into your registry or rappa WILL NOT WORK.

Rappa is not a visual, but a wrapper that automatically switches through all of your installed visuals with fades and other effects. In addition, Rappa is near infamous for its instability, cpu usage and other random quirks, despite this its still the only visual of its kind.

Tested successfully with XMPlay v3.6.

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#3 - Chrixx commented this file on 2023-11-18, 11:31:41
This idea (TV-screen cube) is taken from the Enigma-demo by the demoscene-group Phenomena :)
The coder of that demo ('Azatoth') wrote that he got the inspiration from a TV-program that he saw though.

#2 - rhastu rated this file 5 stars on 2012-06-17, 17:35:26
Vamo a Rappa!

#1 - Simple Simon rated this file 5 stars on 2011-04-08, 14:22:30
Really nice - works well so far (XMPlay 3.6).
You can exclude individual visualisations from Rappa by going to the
[rappa - available sonique plugins]
section in vis.ini and changing entry settings from =True to =Excluded
Always leave the entry for Rappa itself as =Excluded !
:: rappa -o- mykel ::=Excluded
eg. I exclude both G-Force and WhiteCap because they contact their homepage when they start (contact is made by xmplay.exe, so you can't block them individually with your firewall, you could only block xmplay.exe, which then disables all other online features too).
Regarding the included .reg file, it seems to me that the only Registry entry you need is the one containing the path to XMPlay - all the other entries appear to be settings for Sonique, and Rappa seems to work perfectly well without them.