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Yesterday's Newspaper
by Cypress
posted on 2011-01-28

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#5 - Feedy rated this file 4 stars on 2014-06-02, 08:07:06
Novel! I like the miniplayer a lot! Good job

#4 - Gaylord rated this file 1 star on 2012-06-18, 12:51:17
The only reason I like this skin's because is so HUGE. I like HUGE things you know.

#3 - rhastu rated this file 1 star on 2011-11-29, 14:34:46
This is.... different. Supongo que es la piel a elegir cuando tienes ganas de escuchar a alguien tan incomprensible como el tamaño que ocupa en la pantalla. Como tributo es excellente como skin... cuestión de gustos.

#2 - fluxord rated this file 5 stars on 2011-06-23, 01:37:10
I like it!

#1 - ChordsAndScales.Info rated this file 4 stars on 2011-06-06, 07:54:55
Admitting, I have yet to actually /use/ it, I admire the developer's unbridled inspiration here. Not unlike the [8-bit graphics ( ? ) approach of the ] /XMP Underground Radio[*]/ broadcast-station building, which many users praised (featuring--maybe-- Wayne's Pacer... putting along outside, indicating elapsed/ remaining time per track), I am halted to leave commentary-- to say the least-- for it stands apart from the crowd. Remember, I've not actually put this one into action, yet I wouldn't so hastily speak-up-- but with conscious effort to offer the developer some feedback on the presentation apart from any news regarding affected functionality of the device (i.e. xmplay), as the /skin/ itself departs from the thought of being "in action", yet I must assume it is /functional/. Beyond this idea, however, to /give 'em something different/, if not /something unexpected/ altogether, I believe this artist has taken it one-step further. I believe this is the notion of "form following function", a philosophy practiced by archetecht Frank Lloyd Wright. [*]XMP Underground Radio skin, where XmPlay.com files_view.php URL identifier is ?file_id=573 (at time of writing). I've written so much, let me close this-- to apologize for those wishing for 64 chars or less-- and to justify my text: for as much time and effort as un4seen.com (et al), and the contributing community invest in what might ultimately become "the listening enjoyment" experience, certainly some of these creative/ productive individuals seek inspiration from feedback, or "feed" on it, pun intended. Since I tend to be verbose, I hope this developer, and others find something useful in my texts. No matter what, it's with my best regards! (p.s. so, i'm rating this bugger 'high'. if i don't come back to complain, then /you/ might give 'er a try too!)