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D00 Ganbatte! 1.4.1
by OPLx
posted on 2024-06-21

This native XMPlay version of the Ganbatte! plug-in enables D00 and D01 playback.

v1.4.1 - (06/22/2024)
* Fixed song length calculation; proper times should now dispaly in XMPlay

v1.4 - (06/11/2024)
* Updated to use newer xmp-sdk. Now using XMPIN_FACE 4
* Fixed potential crash bug in player engine when switching songs.

v1.3.1 - (06/10/2024)
* Re-release with proper v1.3 updates

v1.3 - (07/17/2017)
* Replaced old OPL2 emulator with Nuked OPL3 emulator
* Fixed bug where non-d00/d01 file could get loaded (during GetFileInfo) and cause a crash.

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#5 - OPLx commented this file on 2024-06-10, 12:11:05
Oh dear ... lots happened and didn't have time to update the plugin as I had promised. :( The update had actively been on my mind recently.

I'll see what I can do and address the issues mentioned.

#4 - Wren commented this file on 2024-05-25, 07:20:56
Addendum: I was able to resolve the conflict by removing the XMPlay version of Ganbatte 1.1 and replacing it with the Winamp version of Ganbatte 2.2.

Admin Comment: Unfortunately the xmplay plugin is still only 1.1 even from the official source despite the page details. I think I let the dev know about it in the past but it isn't a big priority as you can imagine. :) If the winamp plugin works for you that's great!

#3 - Wren commented this file on 2024-05-25, 06:57:57
Hijacks AdPlug handling and crashes upon adding AdLib ROL files, even though ROL is not listed as a supported file type in Ganbatte.

#2 - Xiny6581 rated this file 4 stars on 2010-03-04, 19:50:03
This is one of the most accurate D00/D01 playback support ever! Get it now.

#1 - raina rated this file 5 stars on 2007-12-19, 20:05:41

Well, here's one: This plugin works great, no complaints.