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by Ernie
posted on 2007-11-24

A techical brushed-metal skin.

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#14 - cryhavoc rated this file 5 stars on 2008-11-21, 16:22:08
Yep, it's exelent :)

#13 - DJ_ZX commented this file on 2008-11-08, 23:06:45
sorry - previous comment was for NNP-2 (except last sentence) and I put it here by mistake. But all this words same for this skin too but related to small screens like on my MSI Wind

#12 - DJ_ZX rated this file 5 stars on 2008-11-08, 23:03:07
This is one and only complete skin that could provide similar level of usability in compare to Foobar, Winamp or AIMP. I just enabled moving info window with main and disabled resizing of info window. This is just 3 clicks at all and I have best lightweight player ever. Thanks to author. BTW, NNP first version also good and smaller - very usable for notebook displays :)

#11 - serge rated this file 5 stars on 2008-07-26, 16:18:28

#10 - Ernie commented this file on 2007-12-28, 22:19:08
From your point of view you two (Cloud Freeman and Speed) are right, but the skin isn't called "No Nonsense Player" for nothing. I'm only using the extended playlist, so i thought i could do without it. But, i think i will work on a version from NNP with all functions available and also with the tips/questions from other people...
By the way, happy newyear from my girlfriend and me for everybody in advance ;)

#9 - Speed rated this file 3 stars on 2007-12-25, 15:35:03
Claud Freeman is right with is comment, that is way i give it only a 3 star and not a 4 star

#8 - Claud Freeman rated this file 2 stars on 2007-12-16, 00:30:53
Is it really in your best interest to cripple functionality because you don't like the normal playlist? It's pretty, yes, but the functionality is not.

#7 - Ernie commented this file on 2007-11-27, 19:06:25
Thanks for the kind comments, Nukkels. I just saw that the webmaster has made the source from my skin available (thanks to him for that), so maybe you can download the file NNP.source.zip and make the changes you wanted yourself... Meanwhile i've created and send in another skin, based on the IPod Touch and the minimised version looks like a IPod Nano... Hopefully this skin will be available soon, cause there are already a few people using it and loving it :))

#6 - Nukkels rated this file 5 stars on 2007-11-26, 04:32:51
Absolutely brilliant skin. I'd also like it in a variety of colours, inclusing a darker background with lighter writing, although this one _IS_ very clear and easy to look at. Looks good minimised and full size.

I especially like the progress bar, although i wish it was the full width of the main window. I also like the LR channel levels, although with surround becoming more popular, this might need some changes with later versions.

The playlist could be utilised and put in the main area, although i agree that most people use the playlist window. I don't like it on the side though. I found it REALLY hard to grab the corner of the playlist window to resize it...

With a few minor improvements, this could seriously become the best XMPlay skin to date.

#5 - Ernie commented this file on 2007-11-20, 17:06:22
Okay Brian, i have provided the source to Ian but only the nnp.xmpskin file has made it to this page... If you give me your e-mail address i will send you the source directly. My e-mail address is ernie5335@gmail.com

#4 - Brian rated this file 4 stars on 2007-11-20, 12:58:09
I like this skin, but I'd like to play around with the fonts. To Ernie: Could you not provide the source for inclusion on this website, as many other skin authors have done, please? Many thanks.

#3 - Charlee rated this file 5 stars on 2007-11-14, 11:25:09
Cool skin! will there be a variation in colors in the future? preferrebly black! =)

#2 - Ernie commented this file on 2007-11-11, 11:56:02
Yep Trakasubmersis, i can change the colour. Send me a e-mail with your e-mail address and the colour you want the digital vu's in. Then i can send you the source (of course not the .xmpskin file cause i can't compress it the way Ian does) of NNP with the change. By the way, this is my first completed skin for XMPlay ever and NNP stands for "No Nonsence Player". My e-mail address is Ernie5335@gmail.com
Greetings from Ernie...

#1 - Trakasubmersis rated this file 4 stars on 2007-11-11, 01:03:14
I like it, but i don´t use extended playlist because it dsn´t dock, great work. (can you change the colour of the digital vu´s?)