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NSFplug 2.4
by Digital Sound Antiques (Brezza), continued by rainwarrior
posted on 2021-06-16

From the author's website: "NSFplug (in_yansf.dll) is a NSF player plugin for Winamp 2.xx. Square, Triangle and Delta-PCM channels and all 6 external soundchips are emulated with accurate emulation engines. Further, some special feature has been implemented. For example, tagfile management, automatic playtime estimation, analog filter and compressor emulation.

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#4 - snowfighter commented this file on 2015-12-21, 04:15:33
rainwarrier, keep support nsfplay, still raw..

#3 - rainwarrior commented this file on 2012-07-28, 17:27:41
I have recently started maintaining NSFPlug, and have done a lot of things to improve accuracy, as well as added some other useful features (e.g. optional stereo sound). I am actively maintaining it at the moment. You may want to try this version instead of the old version from DSA.


#2 - Tommy rated this file 5 stars on 2012-06-16, 14:38:40
Thanks for putting this up, DSA! It lets me listen to the *.nsf files hosted by ocremix when I want to compare source tunes to remixes. :D

#1 - Stevie rated this file 5 stars on 2007-07-12, 01:40:45
5 stars may seem excessive at first, but having tried most major NSF players/plugins, I find NSFplug (and its standalone sister NSFplay) to be far the most accurate, flexible, and extensive emulator available.

With all the features you never knew you needed before, you can manipulate each individual sound channel, use processing presets like "brand new NES" or "Twin Famicom", change the speed of playback, and even see each channel's notes and info played out on a visual keyboard. Wacky.

The author may occassionally update this project on his site: