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We'll See.. v1.1
by raina
posted on 2021-12-06
This skin uses the ZIP-based system, so the sources are available by opening it in ZIP software.

This skin is an adaption of the new VLC look and it includes four color schemes.

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#32 - anon commented this file on 2018-07-01, 18:31:09
I don't understand the unsightly author logo on hte right. If it weren't for that, this would be a great skin.

#31 - raina commented this file on 2017-02-20, 10:39:12
Hmm, I can certainly see that in the case where you'd have the DSP panel open (and the logo visible) at all times, which I never did. The sources are available (and usable in XMPlay by copying the folder to where ever you keep your skins) and the eyesore is easily patched out by editing panel_list.bmp. IIRC The point was to fill in the hole in panel_main when panel_output is dragged out to keep the player shape consistent. I must have been pretty proud of my first (and so far only) released skin to fall for such vanity especially when it was just an adaptation, not an original design. Any ideas for a more informative graphic or even a panel_list (interactive) feature to put in the spot?

#30 - anon rated this file 1 star on 2016-05-13, 13:50:12
What might otherwise be a decent skin is ruined by the author's eyesore of a logo affixed to the right of the player. It's totally out of place.

#29 - Vyacheslav rated this file 4 stars on 2016-02-22, 09:29:20
Pretty nice minimalistic skin. Candy polishing is unnecessary,

#28 - samplah! rated this file 5 stars on 2012-03-22, 16:54:38
Great skin. One of my favourites, specially useful in mini mode, really awesome in normal mode.
Thanks raina!

#27 - Xm rated this file 5 stars on 2008-06-21, 08:47:20
This skin is very nice =]

#26 - zgromadzenie rated this file 5 stars on 2008-02-08, 13:22:32
My favorite :)

#25 - Charlee rated this file 5 stars on 2007-11-14, 11:34:00
Nice and Neat! love it!

#24 - raina commented this file on 2007-11-11, 15:47:07
A very late reply to fin, you've probably figured this out yourself but just for the record:
I'm sorry, I can't fix the font but you can change it to a more complete one by editing and using the source files.

And exe:
The font is in the source pack only so you can install it to your system which makes it available for skins in source file form. I imagine the source package directory structure has nothing to do with the compiled skin binaries, in which the font is included.

#23 - Cheyenne rated this file 4 stars on 2007-10-16, 18:33:31
Nice clean, simple design with different color choices. Everything easy to find.

I had a weird problem with this skin though -- the volume of the player, even when turned all the way up -- was MUCH lower with this skin. Had this problem only with this skin and the WA Classic & Modern. All others volume works just fine.

#22 - fin commented this file on 2007-04-02, 13:45:57
Hi raina. I really like your skin but I often listen to Asian music and Asian characters are not showing on your skin. Could you fix it somehow? I would be very thankful.

#21 - exe rated this file 5 stars on 2007-03-18, 21:20:04
Had the same problem with the 'Delicious' font.
Installing it system wide solved the problem though.

Btw, I noticed that the font was lying in the root of the skin.
Have you tried placing it with the rest of the files in each folder?

Still a great skin though!

#20 - pat rated this file 5 stars on 2007-03-17, 19:22:25

#19 - flipper rated this file 5 stars on 2007-03-02, 15:38:00
hey raina - i really like this skin! i have a question though, is there anyway to keep the info/tracklist window from resizing itself? i like it to be the same width as the main window but everytime anything happens it always automatically resizes itself to be smaller. also, I know that XMPlay has the option to "move info window with main" but is there a way to somehow dock the info window with the main window? if not currently then maybe in a future revision? either way, I like the skin!

Comment from Thomas:
The second-from-left button on the info window toggles this behaviour.

#18 - the_sagga commented this file on 2007-02-13, 14:30:38
no-one font worked for me!

#17 - AndyWxy rated this file 5 stars on 2007-02-03, 04:24:06
Nice Skin. I have been always using this skin.

#16 - raina commented this file on 2007-01-30, 00:46:56
Updated to v1.1.

#15 - SaxxonPike rated this file 5 stars on 2006-12-09, 00:04:49
Excellent skin. This is for those who are getting the missing fonts error. To install these fonts, unzip the TTF files and copy them to your "C:\Windows\Fonts" or whatever folder your Windows operating system has set aside for font storage.


It fixed my problem with this skin.

#14 - Beatslaughter rated this file 5 stars on 2006-11-27, 17:30:58
Great skin, uninstalled WinAmp for it. Installed the missing \"Arial Narrow\" font and it\'s working fine now.

#13 - RockmanX rated this file 3 stars on 2006-11-23, 06:09:35
- Great Clean Design
- Great Work with the Buttons !
- Cool Original Skin!

- Missing Fonts
- The Letters look bad
Total = 3 Stars
Rating System:
5 stars = Great Skin,Originality,Features,Improve Playlist
4 stars = Good Skin
3 stars = Regular skin, could be better
2 stars = Poor Skin, Poor originality,Ugly design
1 stars = This Skin S*Cks,

#12 - teh pirate commented this file on 2006-11-08, 19:39:09
@raina: when i switch to this skin for the first time (from my default one, miniskin), i get this warning:
then if i change skin (to let's say WAModern), then switch back to this i get this instead:
any further switches to this skin leads to the 2nd message.. every single time. :/

#11 - Grendel rated this file 4 stars on 2006-10-29, 05:43:08
Very sleek and clean design.

#10 - raina commented this file on 2006-10-25, 11:18:21
@teh pirate, you really SHOULDN'T have to install any fonts as they SHOULD be integrated in the .xmplayskin file. But indeed I acknowledge there's something wrong. Does this happen every time you choose the skin? Does the switching (described a couple messages down) help?

#9 - teh pirate commented this file on 2006-10-20, 07:58:04
very nice skin but it says there are fonts missing every time i fire up xmplay with it.
and i don't feel like installing 2 fonts just to get a player skin to work sorry

#8 - coaxcable ^ CoolPHat commented this file on 2006-10-10, 12:24:49
nice raina. i told u: not just gfx but also being famooooooous

#7 - raina commented this file on 2006-10-06, 13:03:54
@balkaster, puzzles me too. I'm experiencing the missing fonts error message on a very limited user account at the uni. However, if I switch to another skin and then back, the error is gone and the font works. Is this how it works for you too? I'll have to ask Ian about this.

@ninja, elaborate please. Which text areas? I don't have the tenths visible in the time display but I thought I had those tested too.

#6 - balkaster commented this file on 2006-09-30, 03:39:40
What's up with the missing fonts?

#5 - ninja rated this file 3 stars on 2006-09-26, 08:06:01
some text areas are too small (even with preferred fonts)...

#4 - Dave rated this file 5 stars on 2006-08-28, 18:10:54
sweet i love it!! nice work *thumbsup*

#3 - raina commented this file on 2006-08-06, 19:52:06
Don't worry Shamka, it isn't going to change much. There was just a minor glitch in the initial release.

#2 - Shamka rated this file 5 stars on 2006-08-06, 08:08:50
It is a beautifull skin, just keep it that way.

#1 - Night Striker rated this file 4 stars on 2006-08-05, 11:32:39
Great skin, a bit small but then again nearly all skins for XMPlay are for my system, keep up the good work