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Delix (revision 9.10)
by Sebastian "Fraggie" Szczepaniak
posted on 2014-06-17

XMP-DELIX is a plugin for XMPlay for playing music in many various (often exotic) Amiga formats. Delix acts as a wrapper plugin allowing XMPlay use EaglePlayer and DeliTracker players (plugins). To achieve this, some Amiga hardware is emulated - the MC68000 processor, Paula sound chip and CIA adapters. Delix also clones Amiga software - some functions of the AmigaOS and obviously EaglePlayer/DeliTracker API.

This plugin is on a very early stage of development and should be considered experimental software with tons of bugs, yet it features:

  • support for 121 music formats:
    Action Amics Soundtool, AHX, AM Composer, AMOS Music Bank, Art & Magic player, Art of Noise (4 voices), Beathoven Synthesizer, Ben Daglish player, Ben Daglish SID player, Blade Packer, Chip Tracker, Cinemaware player, Core Design player, CustomMade, Darius Zendeh player, Dave Lowe new player, Dave Lowe player (DAVELOWE), Dave Lowe player (UNCLEART), David Whittaker player, Delta Music 1.0, Delta Music 2.0, Desire player, DigiBooster, Digital Sonix & Chrome player, Digital Sound Studio, Dynamic Synthesizer, Ear Ache, Editeur Musical Sequentiel (EMS), Fashion Tracker, "Forgotten Worlds" player, Fred Editor, Fred Gray player, Future Composer 1.3, Future Composer 1.4, Future Composer BSI, Future Player, GlueMon, Howie Davies player, Images Music System, In Stereo 1.0, In Stereo 2.0, Infogrames player, JamCracker, Janko Mrsic-Flogel player, Jason C. Brooke player, Jason Page player, Jeroen Tel player, Jochen Hippel player, Jochen Hippel 7V player, Jochen Hippel COSO player, Kris Hatlelid player, Leggless Music Editor, Magnetic Fields packer, Major Tom player, Maniacs of Noise player, Mark Cooksey player, Mark Cooksey old player, Mark II Sound System, Martin Walker player, MED/OctaMED (4 voices), MED/OctaMED (8 voices), Medley, Mike Davies player, MMDC, Mugician, Mugician II, Music Assembler, NovoTrade packer, Paul Robotham player, Paul Shields player, Paul Summers player, Peter Verswyvelen packer, Pierre Adane packer, PowerTracker, Professional Sound Artists player, PumaTracker, Quadra Composer, Richard Joseph player, Riff Raff player, Rob Hubbard player, Rob Hubbard ST player, Scumm player, Sean Connolly player, Sean Conran player, SIDMon 1.0, SIDMon 2.0, Silmarils player, Sonic Arranger, Sonic Arranger packed, Sonix, Soprol, Sound Master, Sound Player, Soundcontrol, Soundfactory, SoundFX, SoundImages, SoundMon 2.0, SoundMon 2.2, Special FX, Speedy A1 System, Speedy System, Steve Barrett player, Steve Turner player, SunTronic, SynthDream, Synthesis, SynthPack, SynTracker, TFMX, TFMX 7V, TFMX Pro, Tim Follin player, The Musical Enlightenment, Thomas Hermann player, TomyTracker, TronicTracker, Wally Beben player, Voodoo Supreme Synthesizer, YMST and custom players
  • perfect Paula sound chip emulation
  • fast CPU emulation by Starscream library
  • quality playback with surround sound

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#34 - Z Tetriminos commented this file on 2022-04-24, 17:29:15
It doesn't work with suntronic files.

#33 - The Lo-Am Allstar rated this file 5 stars on 2022-03-16, 05:55:31
@ #32 - The Lo-Am Allstar: never mind me, i'd failed to add openmpt-mpg123.dll to my plugins directory. Amazing what you can learn by overcoming your fear of reading huge, incomprehensible slabs of debug text

#32 - The Lo-Am Allstar commented this file on 2022-03-02, 01:48:45
Great plugin. First world problem; a lot of the stuff on aminet causes it to throw errors and crash XMPlay in wine (haven't tested to see whether is the same on native Windows)

#31 - dean frenz rated this file 5 stars on 2021-11-19, 09:41:08
Thanks for this plugin. Using is as a replacement for UADE in Ubuntu through Wine to get my daily dose of Tim Follin and David Whittaker 👍

#30 - Fox commented this file on 2021-07-07, 11:13:02
The plugin is DELIX...

#29 - Fox commented this file on 2021-07-07, 11:12:20
Using that plugin (great and the best for amiga and exotic format) with Quad Channel option, all the song are speeded up x2. I didn't found any option (apart the one in Output/Directsound) to slow it down.
Do you have a solution for that?

#28 - the milky monster rated this file 5 stars on 2017-03-30, 17:58:20
Wow just wow :o

#27 - Mr_KrzYch00 rated this file 5 stars on 2016-05-16, 14:06:41
Awesome plugin, using and loving it long time. It can play DI and GMC files as well with a small xmp-delix.dat update. :)

#26 - [QUESTION] commented this file on 2015-12-21, 05:48:02
any plugin can play sndh files?

#25 - drz commented this file on 2015-10-28, 23:35:41
same problem here. xmp 3.8 and no ahx,sid etc. flietypes available.
what do i have to do in order to get them working?

#24 - Delicious commented this file on 2015-01-24, 15:23:52
I tried XMP and with different versions of xmp-zip, but in any way Delix plugin is not working, the supported extensions (filetypes) list is empty. Maybe someone know how to fix this issue?

#23 - Friendly Floyd rated this file 4 stars on 2014-12-31, 17:40:24
Ever since DeliPlayer was discontinued, I've had my eye on this plugin. So far, it's played most of the songs I have, but it's still missing all the Pinball song formats (Dreams, Fantasies, and Illusions) (DI - Digital Illusions format, and whatever PRU2 is).

#22 - Mirek commented this file on 2013-05-10, 13:22:53
nie działa

#21 - Gye-ryong commented this file on 2012-02-11, 15:10:25
Aargh... I should have read all the comments before posting anything about any compatibility problems. The Delix plugin seems to work flawlessly on the newest version of XMPlay if you have the XMP-Zip plugin "installed" (extracted in the XMPlay folder).

XMP-Zip plugin: http://support.xmplay.com/file_comment.php?id=496

Thx rolloLG for the message about the XMP-Zip plugin!

#20 - Gye-ryong commented this file on 2012-02-11, 15:01:48
For some reason, this plugin isn't working anymore. I suspect that this might be due to compatibility issues with Windows 7 (the OS I have atm) but I'm not entirely sure about that either...

XMPlay simply refuses to play the exotic files it used to play back in the day (when I was using Win XP). Furthermore, drag'n'drop doesn't work at all. I tried to start the program with recommended settings (Win XP service pack 2 settings) without success. I also tried older versions of XMPlay to no avail. Any suggestions?

By the way, thanks to the one who created this plugin! I have used DeliPlayer for playing most of my Amiga music files, but it doesn't recognize the most exotic formats unlike XMPlay with this Delix plugin. AFAIK, if the Delix plugin doesn't work properly, there's very little choice left to those who want to play the most exotic Amiga music files.

#19 - Friendly Floyd commented this file on 2012-01-21, 21:08:54
This is very strange. I tried to play some of my tracks with the newer XMPlay player (3.6), but it just crashes!
Then I had a brainwave, and went back to an older version I had lying around (3.5). It didn't crash, but it wouldn't play the file.
On a whim, I then went even further back (3.4). This time it worked without a hitch. What gives?
Come on! Why is this not being supported anymore?? I just want to be able to listen to my favorite oldskool game and demo tracks whenver I want! Is that too much to ask?

#18 - Eftos rated this file 5 stars on 2011-10-02, 12:22:28
thanks, however the strict left/right barrier is a problem. one has to use additonal software make it headphone friendly

#17 - rolloLG commented this file on 2010-11-25, 19:51:11
Thank you guys!
With latest XMPlay http://www.un4seen.com/stuff/xmplay.exe and latest XMP-Zip plugin http://support.xmplay.com/file_comment.php?id=496 I can use again DeliX plugin! :-)
Didn't work with latest XMPlay public release!

#16 - cedric rated this file 5 stars on 2010-09-09, 18:39:08
Please add Alcatraz Packer

#15 - Xiny6581 rated this file 5 stars on 2010-03-04, 19:48:28
This is a MUST add-on for any trackermaniac!

#14 - Bers commented this file on 2009-04-25, 00:08:17
this plugin version ignore all music format
in input window dont show any file formats

#13 - michal commented this file on 2009-01-12, 02:15:06
I can't seem to play the Jason Page .ym files from the Amiga version of Paradroid 90. It just ignores them.

#12 - too bad commented this file on 2008-08-14, 15:22:19
I'm having trouble playing FC1.3, FC1.4 and YMST. Error message is: "Sorry guys... can't extract .dat file". The Supported filetypes box in xmplay (Options and stuff, Plugins) is empty btw I'm using 8c and xmplay

#11 - rudzy rated this file 5 stars on 2008-05-31, 07:39:17
Really awesome!

Plays OctaMED & FutureComposer (1.3/1.4) without any problems :)

#10 - tails rated this file 4 stars on 2008-05-15, 13:53:32
surround sux :(

#9 - deizi rated this file 4 stars on 2008-02-20, 03:22:35
could be cool if you added to the soundmon player the trackerlike vis. effects.

#8 - jammer rated this file 4 stars on 2008-02-10, 19:46:19
brilliant! i have a few things to point out:

- problems with richard joseph player tunes
- no sound tracker support (barexmplay also cannot do that ;)) - some mod's e.g. savage) cannot be opened and i read at exotica that those are plain sound tracker files
- surround could be toggled ;) - i suppose it's to be implemented :D

#7 - BSzili rated this file 5 stars on 2008-01-16, 14:57:46
works perfectly (w/ XMP, and sounds very well :)

#6 - Shozan Ando commented this file on 2007-09-07, 09:23:56
You can find an later version on


It seems to work properly.

#5 - GrrDrax commented this file on 2007-09-06, 05:07:33
Unfortunetly, it won't work for me. XMplay won't even load when this plugin is there. I have all the required components ,but the player just crashes immediatly. it's gotta be the DLL or something, because I removed (appended a .1 extention, same as removal for most programs) the dll file and the player started working again. The XMP-ZIP is version 1.0 rev. 8, and XMplayer version 3.4.

#4 - SHIN commented this file on 2007-04-22, 16:13:48
==about "xmp-zip.dll" ==
If your XMPlayer doesn't detect Delix, Use "xmp-zip v1.0 rev.7".
It is here...
ftp://ftp.amigascne.org/mirrors/ftp.modland.com/pub/players/Windows/XMPlay/misc-plugins/Xmp-ZIP v1.0 rev.7 (rev.7 required for Delix).rar

Also, you may need this version of XMplay, if it still not works...

#3 - nula / MaRShals commented this file on 2006-11-09, 11:27:02
Martijn get it here: http://support.xmplay.com/file_comment.php?id=496

#2 - Martijn commented this file on 2006-09-09, 13:36:28
Xmplay gives an error: Sorry guys... Can't find xmp-zip.dll
The dll isn't included in xm-delix.zip , does anyone know where I can find it?
Thanks in advance :)

#1 - Y@nek rated this file 5 stars on 2006-05-31, 20:57:14
Sound with this plugin is like on my old Amiga 600... Amazing!