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Real Audio (revision 11)
by Sebastian "Fraggie" Szczepaniak
posted on 2013-11-25

This Real Audio plugin for XMPlay uses RealAudio codecs from RealAlternative. In fact you can even uninstall RealAlternative provided you secure DLL's listed below and set path to the codecs (the plugin will find them only with original installation).

  • 14_4.dll - for RealAudio 1.0 support
  • 28_8.dll - for RealAudio 2.0 support
  • dnet.dll & ddnt.dll - for RealAudio 3.0 support
  • sipr.dll - for RealAudio 4.0 support
  • cook.dll - for RealAudio 6.0 support
  • atrc.dll - for RealAudio 8.0 support
  • raac.dll - for RealAudio 10.0 support
  • pncrt.dll

DLL names can have 14_43260.dll form. The plugin will autodetect that. PNCRT.DLL will go to the Windows\System32 folder during installation.


  • (Almost) All RealAudio formats supported
  • Doesn't collect your personal information ;-)
  • Internet streaming over HTTP, RTSP and PNM protocols
  • Can extract audio from RealMedia/RealVideo files


  • Doesn't support RealAudio 10.0 RALF codec

Please report bugs in this forum thread.

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#11 - uriah commented this file on 2021-09-14, 18:35:09
thanks very much

#10 - M R Stokes commented this file on 2011-06-28, 00:50:39
I installed XMPlay Portable on USB drive and copied all codecs from Real Alternative (which is installed on home computer) to the same folder on USB that contained the dll's that came with XMPlayer. I have Google Chrome Portable and Firefox Portable installed on USB. In my work enviornment, Real Player is not allowed. I would like to stream audio from a few sites for listening while working. Their audio is in Real format only. I need some detailed help to use XMPlay Portable with Firefox Portable or Chrome Portable for this purpose. The sites I visited give me a message saying that "Real Player is not installed" and I can go no farther. I assume that my browser must tell the sites that Real Player is installed and allow streaming.

#9 - James Moore rated this file 4 stars on 2011-05-13, 13:38:00
Real format is nasty business, but this does well with it. You HAVE to have RealAlternative codec installed when you install this if you want it to work properly. Still has problems with some files, but that does not surprise me since they keep changing their own format and do not release the format to the public.

#8 - alternateuserid commented this file on 2010-11-20, 10:47:54
Cannot play any real file (real player is installed).

Account is awaiting admin approval.

#7 - plf rated this file 5 stars on 2010-07-07, 12:37:20
Excellentissime ! On notera de plus que la version beta10 (23.07.2009) fonctionne parfaitement avec XMPlay 3.5.1 et que le RALF (RealAudio Lossless Format) est désormais supporté. Un grand bravo/merci à Sebastian Szczepaniak :)

Site officiel : http://dhost.info/pieknyman/html/plugins.html

#6 - Anonymous rated this file 5 stars on 2010-01-03, 11:25:32
very wonderful!!!
I just can't play ram files usng k-lite, KMPlayer,Real Alternative Lite...

#5 - SmartOne commented this file on 2008-11-23, 03:56:18
RM files skip occasionally for no reason...

#4 - steve rated this file 5 stars on 2008-09-04, 09:36:37
beta8 on author's page, excellent

#3 - CHRISTIAN commented this file on 2007-10-30, 22:58:25

#2 - kasjo_peja rated this file 5 stars on 2007-09-10, 00:50:20
the version here is very old (judging for the update date). Go directly to the author's page: http://dhost.info/pieknyman/ The newest beta 7 (Jul.2007) works beautifully with most real audio files. I've tested it with several on-line radio streams - with this version half of them crashed; after the update all worked fine.

#1 - Brian rated this file 5 stars on 2006-05-05, 19:43:54
A veritable tour de force, given how messy the infrastructure of the real audio format is said to be.