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VGM (version 0.51.0)
by Maxim, updated by Valley Bell
posted on 2022-04-11

This plugin provides support for VGM files. A VGM file is a per frame record of SN76489/SN76496 and various YMxxxx music.

Supported extensions: .vgm, .vgz

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#7 - Marc Sola commented this file on 2012-06-10, 01:48:45
This version is pretty much outdated, I've download the latest version (0.40.2) and this added new game system to this plugin ranging from Arcades, to MSX and DOS.

Google up on VGMPlay and you'll find the latest version of in_vgm.dll

#6 - Julien Picalausa rated this file 4 stars on 2012-03-27, 08:09:23
Plugin settings are actually retained for 0.35, but ony if you have a plugins folder in the directory containing the XMPlay executable.
Settings will be saved in a plugins.ini file under that folder.

#5 - Locutus commented this file on 2011-05-06, 16:56:09
Plugin settings are not retained with this version and XMPlay. Use version 0.33 instead. This will save all settings in a plugin.ini whereas version 0.35 has a new method of saving settings (some where in local documents user directory, which doesn't work)

#4 - Hiro rated this file 5 stars on 2011-03-06, 13:52:49
Have just tried the newest VGM plugin with XMPlay today (after using this for some time with Winamp) and I can also confirm that it works. Obviously, just as long as you copy the following 2 files to the specified xmplay folder:

1) in_vgm.dll
2) zlib1.dll

First impressions XMPlay + VGM plugin: Crisp! Detailed! Punch!

There, you don't really need to work for What Hi-Fi? in order to give a very 'detailed' description of the sound! >:-)

#3 - sat0ri commented this file on 2011-02-21, 05:06:40
The latest version works! http://www.smspower.org/uploads/Music/in_vgm035.zip
Now I don't need winamp anymore, nice.

<i>Comment from Keltic Danor: Thanks for the note sat0ri, the version on the site has now been updated.</i>

#2 - Max commented this file on 2010-10-22, 03:53:10
Not for me, either. XMPlay 3.5.1

#1 - Anonymous commented this file on 2010-09-06, 08:42:32
Doesn't work for me. I get some noise when I put certain songs in, but it's not what it should be.