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S98Amp 1.3.1+8
by BEFiS, RuRuRu
posted on 2021-06-16

This plugin allows you to play S98 music files (.s98) dumped from the PC-9801 or the PC-8801.

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#2 - Pezito rated this file 5 stars on 2022-04-08, 13:39:06
I guess my comment will never be answered but still... I noticed a sound problem with track "Opening" in S98 soundtrack "Starfire (PC-98)(1994-10-14)(Starcraft)". Amazing soundtrack, by the way! Check it out. :) But yeah, the slapped bass in Opening (around 30 seconds in) has some nasty clipping to it; which you don't hear in original captures of the game published on YouTube, for instance. I wondered if the specs or plugin were to be updated sometime... But it seems my version is the lastest. :\

Keltic Danor:
I'm afraid this plugin has not been updated since 2016, there are more recent alternatives though like...
VGM - https://support.xmplay.com/files_view.php?file_id=48
...that might be able to play them better.

#1 - Random rated this file 5 stars on 2006-12-26, 17:59:08
Ahh, PC-*801 platforms... Those good old japanese henta... I mean adventure games.