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Nintendo/Nosefart 1.92
by Shady Matt Conte
posted on 2006-04-14

This plugin provides support for .nsf files. NSF's are files which contain the music code and data from NES games.

<b>If NEZplug is installed, errors will occur while using this plugin.</b>

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#2 - milo_ commented this file on 2007-10-17, 22:26:53
used this plugin at bit more now and i realize now that i werent wrong rating it 3 stars cause even with xmplay it's buggy and if a nsf song ends the player may still continue running it but without sound/music... or keep the last played sound running at a constant making it really annoying to listen to.

#1 - milo_ rated this file 3 stars on 2007-10-02, 21:55:23
crashes directly when loading with winamp (1.92 (no i dont have NEZplug installed on it))..
gonna try with xmplay now...
works... (adds two stars)