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Nintendo/Nosefart 2.3
by Shady Matt Conte, maintained by Matthew Strait
posted on 2021-06-16

This plugin provides support for .nsf files. NSF's are files which contain the music code and data from NES games.

If NEZplug is installed, errors will occur while using this plugin.

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#2 - milo_ commented this file on 2007-10-17, 22:26:53
used this plugin at bit more now and i realize now that i werent wrong rating it 3 stars cause even with xmplay it's buggy and if a nsf song ends the player may still continue running it but without sound/music... or keep the last played sound running at a constant making it really annoying to listen to.

#1 - milo_ rated this file 3 stars on 2007-10-02, 21:55:23
crashes directly when loading with winamp (1.92 (no i dont have NEZplug installed on it))..
gonna try with xmplay now...
works... (adds two stars)