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by Alex Reznichenko
posted on 2004-02-25

Inspired by a popular 3D editing application.

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#9 - rikz10 rated this file 5 stars on 2017-12-24, 14:42:23
One of my favorite skins

#8 - robertcollier4 commented this file on 2012-12-30, 01:32:31
Great skin, but I would like to move the "Options/Hide/Close" buttons to the top (below the titlebar). Also I want to get rid of the "Left-Right" pan slider since I never use this feature and it looks too similar to the volume bar. Can you share the source for this skin so that we can modify if wanted?

#7 - albedo rated this file 5 stars on 2011-07-19, 09:31:34
My favorite skin. Great inside joke for every 3D artist.

#6 - Chinese Sausage rated this file 5 stars on 2009-12-24, 06:32:19
Five star rating for this no nonsense skin

#5 - Chinese Sausage commented this file on 2009-12-24, 06:30:39
Small but very clear, very practical. Whith the panels and extended playlist open looks very professional. A very well-made skin. Thank you Alex Reznichenko. :)

#4 - Bjorn H. rated this file 5 stars on 2008-05-27, 08:36:17
Very nice skin. Stayed with my xmplay since its begining. Clear, hi-tech look. No glossy, blue, flashy buttons. Nothing to complain.

#3 - Claudio rated this file 5 stars on 2008-02-16, 02:19:25
El mejor skin, útil de verdad

#2 - John McEntire rated this file 3 stars on 2006-07-17, 01:07:36
Nice skin, not the best looking one, but very functional. What I don't like is the midi mode. Midi should be midi, meaning a small bar, but that's just me.

#1 - Tony rated this file 5 stars on 2006-05-05, 08:05:39
Este Skin es muy bueno. Tiene claridad y la opción mini es más útil que otros skins.