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Extra Tools
by Entropia
posted on 2006-04-14

This add on for mIRC is designed to display, on request, the current song playing.

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#9 - Barrack Bombama rated this file 3 stars on 2015-12-22, 03:14:16
when player is not running state this: <nick> [XMPlay]
no configuration, usage from scripts: $dll(xmplay.dll, playing, )

#8 - enr2011 rated this file 4 stars on 2011-12-04, 18:53:45
click 'ok' after set 'run this program as an admin' and same things in 'change settings for all users'

#7 - enrico 2011 commented this file on 2011-12-04, 18:53:12
no virus, and it works also in win7 x64 ultimate, run the mirc.exe as admin .
i found how make it work in windows 7 x64 ultimate , right mouse key to mirc.exe -> properties -> compatibility -> privilege level -> run this program as an administrator, and change settings for all users, run as admin for all users, and copy and overwrite all files from c:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\mIRC\ TO c:\Program Files (x86)\mIRC\ (with mirc closed) and then launch mirc. 7.17 or above and this xmplay script works with them.

#6 - enrico commented this file on 2011-04-28, 22:08:53
until mirc version 6.35 ?

#5 - xR2 rated this file 5 stars on 2011-04-05, 17:53:46
Works fine here with mIRC 6.35 on windows 7 x64 bits, 100% clean.

#4 - Enrico commented this file on 2011-03-06, 17:17:28
false alarm it isn't a virus but is reported as it

#3 - Enrico commented this file on 2011-03-06, 17:01:50
No, this doesn't works ,microsoft security essentials says this is is a virus, mirc.ini once the dll is loaded and needs to delete mirc.ini in mirc version 6.17, doesn't works neither in mirc 7.17

#2 - enrico commented this file on 2011-03-06, 16:55:17
it works in windows 7 x64 ultimate and with mirc version 6.17 but not in mirc version 7.17

#1 - enrico commented this file on 2010-08-17, 16:40:55
doesn't work in windows 7 , it says : *** Error: XMPlay isn't running or there is no file loaded.