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XMLyrics 1.01
by XMinioNX
posted on 2006-12-08

XMLyrics is an application for displaying .lrc lyrics files in time with XMPlay as it plays the matching song.

It does this by reading an external (or some MP3's internal) file containing the lyrics and times when each line should occur.

Excerpt of Features:
- Customisation of lyric display colors / speed.
- Use of internal MP3 lyric tags.

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#19 - lisparc rated this file 1 star on 2012-10-26, 17:39:56
Can you please make it work when play .m4b.

#18 - ned rated this file 1 star on 2011-10-16, 01:47:38
A Simple Question
How to Display a Text Document on this MP3 Player?

#17 - Eric Seabass rated this file 3 stars on 2011-05-13, 13:33:24
needs to search the directory for a lyrics file before bothering to look online. lyrics window should be sizable or offer an option of full screen. Does NOT support unicode. So it needs some work, but nice work!

#16 - Simple Simon commented this file on 2011-03-31, 18:50:27
v1.1 (which is only a week newer than v1.01!) is at
It seems to fix some issues as described in that page.

#15 - elkanwa commented this file on 2011-01-04, 21:13:30
thanks alot
can i request for chord finder application to each song i played in xmplay, like easychord plugin in winamp

#14 - ggul ggul rated this file 5 stars on 2009-02-24, 10:23:28
nice!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^b

#13 - Didut commented this file on 2009-02-11, 14:56:57
i used to use winamp & winlyrics (http://www.winlyrics.com/). I store the lyrics from winlyrics inside the mp3 files (formated in Lyrics3.2 and ID3v2 / 1). Why XMLyrics can not display that lyrics?

#12 - Mephitus rated this file 4 stars on 2008-11-15, 04:09:19
needs to match the artist / songname rather than the filename for the .lrc files (have to always rename the .lrc files) ... other than that its pretty cool...

#11 - eadmaster commented this file on 2008-07-06, 04:11:18
uhm , is it possible to search for the .lrc file in the same directory where audio file is located?

#10 - mrfyx rated this file 5 stars on 2008-04-27, 11:37:48
Good plugin, I don't need more to read my lyric files

#9 - FlashXD commented this file on 2008-02-28, 21:58:53
I'm sorry I found the Setting for the Font Size. Great Prog!!! :)

#8 - FlashXD commented this file on 2008-02-28, 21:57:50
I like it, but the Screen is very small with a high resolution (1024x756). It would be great, if there is a fullscreenmode

#7 - kasjo_peja rated this file 5 stars on 2007-09-09, 14:34:21
I love it. The www addresses (look in the Third-Party Applications section for more) store quite a databases. Good for learnig other languages. And comes with my favorite player :)

#6 - Dimon3000 commented this file on 2007-05-20, 09:08:30
XMLyrics definetly needs unicode support

#5 - Ardor Leo rated this file 3 stars on 2006-12-16, 12:53:48
It's very useful
What a pity,but,it do not support asian language

#4 - Jonathan commented this file on 2006-10-18, 11:32:22
What about an open online lyrics database?
Am I supposed to download the lyrics manually one by one?

#3 - tling rated this file 5 stars on 2006-08-12, 08:29:59
I think this is a good program although it has some inconviniences. I rate it "5 stars". Good job, keep it up!

#2 - tling commented this file on 2006-08-12, 08:17:38
I think you should put some function to make it more powerful:
- on-top and transparent: I can't stand when I open new window, it's disapear until I click on its taskbar button.
- support UNICODE: I have some Chinese lyrics and I can't read with this program.
- align the program window to the right of desktop: because I'm used to put the program at right bottom of desktop so I have to change its position many times to see lyric fully.
That's all I need. I'm sorry if I bother you.

#1 - ILO! rated this file 5 stars on 2006-07-29, 04:48:15
It's is very crazy!