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X68000 MDX Decoder (1.14.5)
by I. Tanimoto, Hiroaki Goto, M. Puusan, updated by jbb666, FIX94
posted on 2018-01-04

This plugin provides support for the music from the SHARP X68000 series.

Changes in 1.14.5:
Plugin UI is now in English, fixed some minor bugs and added Unicode file/title support

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#3 - 9 commented this file on 2011-04-28, 05:51:18
its in japanese, but works fine

#2 - Serprex commented this file on 2008-05-01, 20:54:16
This have memory leaks or something? After awhile XMP starts hanging my computer, and I have to turn it off. When I deleted this, the problems went away

#1 - nim commented this file on 2007-01-29, 23:30:40
it places mxdrv and x68sound in the plugins dir but you have to move them back to xmplay dir where they should be