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by Robert "CoR" Wenzel
posted on 2006-04-14

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#6 - Atomika rated this file 5 stars on 2019-11-30, 21:33:12
Now that's some visuals alright!! It actually has a lot of various small images floating around, if you watch it for a long time. I think it looks better in windowed mode. I was listening to some MIDIs from DOS game Blood while having this vis on, and it nearly gave me an infernal trip!

#5 - Sonay rated this file 4 stars on 2018-02-09, 01:21:01
Covers whole screen with one changing pattern like! Nice but is lacking creativity!

#4 - rhastu rated this file 5 stars on 2012-01-17, 21:29:13
Nice and neat.

#3 - Chinese Sausage rated this file 5 stars on 2010-05-08, 04:17:37
Very good plugin. You may not realize you can change the pictures included with your own!

Very good indeed!

#2 - Toffe rated this file 5 stars on 2009-03-09, 03:01:31
Hey hey I really liked all the little things like faces and stuff ehm if I had been stoned the first time I watched this I would probably freak out though ;D
Like ''Woah theres like faces or something on the screen Gaawd!''
And its those things that make it original and interesting to watch, great job ^^,

#1 - Nukkels rated this file 4 stars on 2007-04-23, 06:09:33
Very colourful, and good use of the screen area. Maybe I'd have given it 5 stars if I was actually stoned? =}