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Highly Advanced/GSF player 0.11
by CaitSith2/Zoopd
posted on 2006-04-14

Highly Advanced is a plugin for Winamp that allows playback of GSF files, music files of GameBoy Advance games.

Supported extensions: .gsf, .minigsf

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What others say

#8 - Delimis rated this file 3 stars on 2016-01-07, 06:27:51
Plays minigsf files fine on XMPlay 3.8.2 until you press the Stop button. If you press the Stop button and try to play any minigsf file after that, playback may stutter; the workaround I use when I encounter this problem is to close and relaunch XMPlay.

#7 - 2Shirt rated this file 4 stars on 2011-04-29, 01:37:00
Works great, but there is an issue playing files inside a zip/rar/7z/etc... I think it is an issue with XMPlay being able to see *gsflib file. Just extract and enjoy!

#6 - hm... commented this file on 2010-02-21, 16:56:48
looks like it only works on older versions of xmplay. I updated it and now it doesn't work. Darn.

#5 - THANK YOU!!!! rated this file 5 stars on 2010-02-21, 16:20:51
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I though no one would ever make this, because xmplay is one of the more minor music apps, but I am really thankful that you made it!!! Now I can listen to all my minigsfs!


#4 - unknown commented this file on 2009-04-01, 10:03:44
this doesnt work i try to open it it doesent work

#3 - Chris rated this file 5 stars on 2007-04-16, 13:18:59
top class effort, Sword of Mana sounds brilliant :)

#2 - Nick rated this file 1 star on 2007-02-07, 19:41:08
Works Well???
This thrash don't work!!! I can't beleave that I've downloaded this crap!

#1 - Random rated this file 5 stars on 2006-12-26, 17:32:29
Works well!
The ".*SF" plugin series is one of the reasons I use XMPlay