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AdPlug 1.8.2
by Simon Peter /Nikita V.Kalaganov
posted on 2011-01-31

Newer Plug-in Available! Click here to view ADT2Plug v2.4.24 instead.

This plugin provides support for Adlib modules etc.

Supported extensions: .a2m, .amd, .bam, .cff, .cmf, .d00, .dfm, .dmo, .dtm, .hsc, .hsp, .imf, .wlf, .ksm, .laa, .m, .mid, .mkj, .mtk, .rad, .raw, .rol, .s3m, .sa2, .sat, .sci, .sng, .xad, .xms

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#9 - Jamie rated this file 4 stars on 2023-03-19, 23:59:38
Doesn't play the latest .a2m files from Adlib Tracker 2, but does play .rad and .amd files from the Adlib Tracker 2 demo folder.

This plugin is pretty out of date, I managed to find an alternative plugin called ADT2Plug, a link to it is above. Let us know if it was able to play the formats you were having issues with correctly.

#8 - ianmi commented this file on 2021-06-29, 04:27:45
It doesn't work!!!

#7 - donots commented this file on 2016-05-08, 07:08:30
Worked for .d00 and some other formats, but not .hsc and .amd... I copied both the DLL and DAT file to XMPlay's folder. Am I missing something?

#6 - Galaxy_Stranger commented this file on 2016-03-29, 23:24:07
Are you supposed to unzip into "xmplay/Plugins" ?

I couldn't get the plugin to work.

#5 - Maan Hamze rated this file 4 stars on 2013-12-26, 05:13:11
Unfortunately this plugin still does not support the new file format of Adlib Tracker 2, the only OPL3 tracker still in progress and the most important tracker.
Fortunately there is another plugin that works fine with the new file format and comes with a super better opl-3 emulation.
I'll give it a 4 because it does a great job at what it is supposed to do.

#4 - mR commented this file on 2013-04-01, 18:06:51
XMplay often silently crash then I trying to play OPL123 music.

#3 - saga rated this file 3 stars on 2007-08-24, 21:38:13
Although it's a nice plugin, i can only rate it with 3* - why? because it even tried to open files it should not open (at least when i used it with winamp) and they stayed open...

#2 - Rol(f) commented this file on 2007-08-10, 15:25:19
You can get the missing 'adplug.db' from SourceForge:

However, I was unable to play .rol files from this page:

#1 - Maserati rated this file 5 stars on 2006-07-02, 14:57:37
Also supports: dro lds mad msc rix xsm
Doesn't support 'wlf' ?

I use this to play the soundtrack from Tyrian and it works great!

I got an error when starting XMPlay that it could not find a database file 'adplug.db' so I disabled it by:
Options and Stuff>Plugins & Skins>Config>Playback>*uncheck* Use Database.