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(4.05) Title formatting
by Thomas Radeke, 2006-04-20 02:13:00

Titles options

Formatting string

This string works similar to a regular expression (which you will be familiar with if you are a programmer). Some formats don't have tags, eg. MOD formats just have a title "tag". This could make the titles messy when elements are not available, if it wasn't for the fact that the formatting can vary depending on what tags are available.

For example, the default formatting is: %?2{%2 - }%?1{%1|%0}

This means if the artist tag (%2) is present, use that and place " - " after it. Then, if the title tag (%1) is present, add that, otherwise add the filename (%0).

  • Omit extensions from filename - Don't display the file extension, if the "filename" tag is being displayed.
  • Apply to Winamp plugins when possible - If input plugins that were originally written for Winamp support title information, try to apply the formatting string to them, too.

Other options

  • Update title from CUE sheets - If a CUE sheet contains title information about a track, use this instead of the actual file tags.
  • Scroll long titles - Track titles that are too long to fit into the main window title display will scroll from right to left if this option is enabled.
  • Tray title bubbles - If XMPlay is minimized to the Tray, it shows the song title in a bubble when the track changes. Uncheck this option to disable this.
  • Refresh all tags & titles - This option makes XMPlay rescan the tags/titles for all tracks, both in the playlist and the library.